Review: REALITY BOY by A.S. King

by A.S. King
October 22nd 2013 
Little, Brown Books for Young Readers 
ISBN: 0316222704
Source: Publisher
Rating:  ♥♥♥♥

Gerald Faust knows exactly when he started feeling angry: the day his mother invited a reality television crew into his five-year-old life. Twelve years later, he’s still haunted by his rage-filled youth—which the entire world got to watch from every imaginable angle—and his anger issues have resulted in violent outbursts, zero friends, and clueless adults dumping him in the special education room at school.

Nothing is ever going to change. No one cares that he’s tried to learn to control himself, and the girl he likes has no idea who he really is. Everyone’s just waiting for him to snap…and he’s starting to feel dangerously close to doing just that.

My Thoughts:

I am an ardent fan of A.S. King and have been one from the very beginning and anything that she writes I will read with enthusiasm. Then I read REALITY BOY and I could not believe the story that swam before my eyes, the raw emotions and uncomfortable subject matter presented in a way that was not cheesy or crude in the least but had such potential to go ride down that crazy train. Proving how amazing a writer A.S. King truly is.

When I chose to read REALITY BOY I picked it up without question. A book about a reality TV star and it's consequence years later, hello! I am totally there. Then as I began to witness Gerald Faust and his insane reality I was left more than a tad uncomfortable and on edge. 

The Faust family was chosen for a Reality show that catapulted their family into fame for all the wrong reasons and at the center of it all was Gerald Faust.  The youngest child who is cruelly bullied by his psychotic older sister who decides that after his deep in denial parents wont help takes matters into his own hands and decides to use defecation as self preservation. To say that it is perverse and totally ewww! Is to put it mildly, but once I got over the initial shock and delve further into Gerald's world I was able to understand and relate to him.

Despite my adoration of A. S. King and her works of literary art I have to admit that REALITY BOY is my least favorite of her works, not because of the subject matter but because the ending was quite unsatisfactory for me. It almost felt as if it was a bit lazy.  I know that sometimes it is just best to cut bait and run but I wish things could have been better resolved with his older sister because that girl needed some SERIOUS help. She was too twisted for words and the fact that her mother always defended her and her reason were just beyond my comprehension and had hoped that professional help could have been explored. If not for that ending I would have given this a higher rating but I enjoyed most of the story regardless.

Fans of A. S. King will still enjoy her unique style and on point presentation but may find the subject matter and ending surprising.


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