BOOKSTAGRAM: when books and Instagram collide

Me and Little Nemo
 I love to take pictures and if were not for the impracticality of carrying my big camera everywhere I would have it in my hands at all times, thus my obsessive love with my iphone. I also love books and everything related to them and so it is no surprise that the marriage of these two loves has birthed another obsession, INSTAGRAM. Yes, that online sharing and social network platform that allows me to edit and share photos with anyone that is willing to follow my whims. 

I will share some of my favorite book related posts from the past and will continue sharing my BOOKSTAGRAM obsession on a weekly basis.

My Beautiful Creatures movie swag
Jessica Shirvington reading from EMBRACE
Ellen Hopkins, David Levithan and Maggie Stiefvater at a NYMBC event
A Fierce Reads Tour made of awesome
The fabulous Libba Bray
John Green on The Fault In Our Stars tour
Maggie Stiefvater reading from The Raven Boys
Katherine Longshore, Talia Vance, Donna Conner and Veronica Rossi
Suzanne Lazare at Kepler's
Using an app to enhance Sweet Peril by Wendy Higgins
Tamera Ireland Stone helping Ingrid Paulson show a photo that inspired her book
Through the Evernight display at Rakestraw books
     I hope you enjoyed the photos that I shared with you and I hope that you come back to see what I post next week. You should also check out Candace's Book Blog and her Instagram related post.


  1. Aw Nancy, thanks for mentioning me! I just saw this and had to click over, I see most your photos on instagram but I know I sometimes miss them. I love these posts though because not everyone is on instagram and this way they can see what's going on. I don't attend half the awesome things you do, but I still enjoy sharing whatever random stuff I'm taking photos of. Also, I love the name 'Bookstagram'!

  2. Love these pictures! I too take lots of pic on Instragram. I will have to check out an app to add more cool fliters.

  3. Wow SO many cool authors that I LOVE!! I love that picture of Jessica Shirvington. It's really cool. Also that TFIOS van is pimp. I would love to see that thing cruising down the highway :) Cool post!

  4. I love Instagram and was thrilled when they got an app for android. Such a cool idea Bookstagram :) Its always fun to see what book events you are up to.


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