Review: CHANTRESS by Amy Butler Greenfield

CHANTRESS 05/07/13
by Amy Butler Greenfield
ISBN-13: 9781442457034
Publisher: Margaret K. McElderry
Pages: 336
Source: Publisher
Rating: ♥♥♥

Sing and the darkness will find you.

Shipwrecked on an island seven years ago, Lucy has been warned she must never sing, or disaster will strike. But on All Hallows Eve, Lucy hears tantalizing music in the air. When she sings it, she unlocks a terrible secret: She is a Chantress, a spell-singer, brought to the island not by shipwreck but by a desperate enchantment gone wrong.

Her song lands her back in England — and in mortal peril, for the kingdom lies in the cruel grasp of a powerful Lord Protector and his mind-reading hunters, the Shadowgrims. The Protector has killed all Chantresses, for they alone can destroy the Shadowgrims. Only Lucy has survived.

In terrible danger, Lucy takes shelter with Nat, a spy who turns her heart upside-down. Nat has been working with his fellow scholars of the Invisible College to overthrow the Lord Protector, and they have long hoped to find a living Chantress to help them. But Lucy is completely untrained, and Nat deeply distrusts her magic. If Lucy cannot master the songspells, how long can she even stay alive?

My Thoughts:

CHANTRESS by Amy Butler Greenfield is a beautifully written novel with a lyrical quality that is ominous while hosting a unique and compelling storyline. Once I began reading CHANTRESS I was at war with myself because I wanted to relish each word but was driven to rush through at a startling pace. 

CHANTRESS is an atmospherically dark and intriguing read whose protagonist Lucy, proves not only to be headstrong but a powerful Chantress; a songstress spell caster that was secreted away to a distant island. Her powers are rare and untapped and when she unleashes her gift she is transported back to England and into the very clutches of danger. Once there, she quickly realizes how vulnerable she is; no family, no friends, no way of understanding this "curse" she seems to have. It is not long before she encounters an unlikely duo that aide her and eventually tell her of her talents and how she can save them all.  

I found the concept of this story to be very unique and I enjoyed the darker nature that it's storyline embodied for it had that gothic feel that I really appreciated.  The sense of fear and darkness was especially prevelent when the purpose and descriptions of the shadowgrims and the Lord Protector came into play. It left me with the chills.  Yet, despite my admiration for CHANTRESS and it's overall impression, I found that on certain occasions I had a difficult time conceptualizing the manner in which Lucy was able to perform her talent and use her gift. It would leave me a bit put off and I could not seem to get past the point that having someone signing out loud and revealing secrets in their songs could be expressed easier if she just hummed it to herself and wrote it all down. 

In CHANTRESS Lucy seems to be a headstrong and charming protagonist. Eager to prove her worth and help those that need her, all while trying to better understand this gift she possesses. And the only thing that seems to make her heart beat faster besides being caught by the Lord Protector is Nat. Together they have a bit of chemistry that would spark from time to time but never really ignite to a full flame. I had wished for more between them but was denied that and thus I was left a bit frustrated. Why create all the build up, the tease and not give a satisfying morsel of romance?

CHANTRESS is original in concept but I am not completely sold on it's delivery, but Amy Butler Greenfield has such a beautiful writing style that it is definitely worth a try. This novel is perfect for those that enjoy dark and dangerous reads filled with mystery and a tiny bit of romance.

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  1. Thanks for the review! This one has been on my TBR for a while but I haven't had the chance to check it out yet, but I like having a little sneak peek as to what to expect, so I appreciate the honest review!


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