Review: TRINKETS by Kirsten Smith

TRINKETS by Kirsten Smith
Hardcover, 288 pages
Published March 12th 2013 by Little, Brown Books for Young Readers
ISBN: 031616027
Source: Publisher
Rating:  ♥♥♥♥

Sixteen-year-old Moe's Shoplifters Anonymous meetings are usually punctuated by the snores of an old man and the whining of the world's unhappiest housewife. Until the day that Tabitha Foster and Elodie Shaw walk in. Tabitha has just about everything she wants: money, friends, popularity, a hot boyfriend who worships her...and clearly a yen for stealing. So does Elodie, who, despite her goodie-two-shoes attitude pretty much has "klepto" written across her forehead in indelible marker. But both of them are nothing compared to Moe, a bad girl with an even worse reputation.

Tabitha, Elodie, and Moe: a beauty queen, a wallflower, and a burnout-a more unlikely trio high school has rarely seen. And yet, when Tabitha challenges them to a steal-off, so begins a strange alliance linked by the thrill of stealing and the reasons that spawn it.

Hollywood screenwriter Kirsten Smith tells this story from multiple perspectives with humor and warmth as three very different girls who are supposed to be learning the steps to recovery end up learning the rules of friendship.

Hayley's Thoughts:

Trinkets is a silly, yet refreshing book that gives you a reality check on how teenagers are today. It's one of those books that can easily become your guilty pleasure. It's almost criminal not to read it!
  Trinkets is one of those seemingly impossible stories where three girls with three totally different lives are brought together by fate. In this case fate is Shoplifters Anonymous. The book is written from each girls perspective in the forms of poems, diary entries, and inner dialog. It's amazing to see these three girls with three totally different lives, social cliques, and families come together and become best friends. Even though the only thing that connects them is their competitive nature and shoplifting. And whats a good friendship with out a little competition? Even if you're competing to see who can steel the best stuff without getting caught.
  Kristen Smith has found an amazing way to make you believe that a princess, a punk, and an outcast could become best friends. I was surprise that when I finished the book I actually believed that it all happened. It seems like the most unlikely trio of friends at your average high school, but Kristen Smith does a fantastic job at making you believe that this is totally normal and true! This book is definitely a real steal ;)


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