Bay Area Author Event: THROUGH THE EVER NIGHT BOOK LAUNCH with Veronica Rossi

Who: Bestselling teen novelist (and Danville resident!), Veronica Rossi.
What: Celebrating the publication of her new book, Through the Ever Night. A book signing will follow.
When: Friday, 11 January 2013 at 7 PM.
How much: Free. Reservations are helpful, so make yours by calling us at (925) 837-7337.
Where: Rakestraw Books.
Why you should care: It's been one of the treats of the past year to watch Veronica Rossi's career take off. It makes us all so happy that someone so nice and so talented is finding the audience that she deserves. And, like so many of you, Under the Never Sky left us on the edge of our seats wanting more. Well, the wait is over: Through the Ever Night is here!
It's been months since Aria learned of her mother's death.
Through the Ever NightMonths since Perry became Blood Lord of the Tides, and months since Aria last saw him.
Now Aria and Perry are about to be reunited. It's a moment they've been longing for with countless expectations. And it's a moment that lives up to all of them. At least, at fi rst. Then it slips away. The Tides don't take kindly to former Dwellers like Aria. And the tribe is swirling out of Perry's control. With the Aether storms worsening every day, the only remaining hope for peace and safety is the Still Blue. But does this haven truly exist?
Threatened by false friends and powerful temptations, Aria and Perry wonder, Can their love survive through the ever night? In this second book in her spellbinding Under the Never Sky trilogy, Veronica Rossi combines fantasy and sci-fi elements to create a captivating adventure — and a love story as perilous as it is unforgettable.
It is our pleasure to invite you to a marvelous party with Veronica Rossi as we celebrate the publication of Through the Ever Night. Please join us.

**information posted from Rakestraw Books website**


  1. I went to the event. It was no nice to see all the people who showed up for Veronica's big night. It was a very nice event and I am so am so excited to read this book!


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