11/5: TRADER CHALLENGE 6: Artifacts

11/5: TRADER CHALLENGE 6: Artifacts 

ASSIGNMENT: The Rising is impressed with your dedication to their cause, but the Archivists need to know that you are able to see the true value of the Artifacts we treasure and trade. Visit the Matched Trilogy Pinterest board and choose any artifact, then write a 400-word-or-less short story about it on your blog. 

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  COME AND JOIN US and select an image from the Pinterest page and tell us about it


When I visited the Penguin Teen Pinterest board I was instantly drawn to the the typewriter. This typewriter is the vessel for many possibilities...the adventure to faraway lands, the love letter that makes you loose your breath or the inspirational words that make you stand straight and give you courage to face any challenge. There is certain sense of satisfaction knowing that the words created on this device can make wondrous and lasting changes. 


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