The Society is corrupt and people must know. 
Please join the ARCHIVISTS and Spread the word however you can--get as many people as possible to tweet #getmatched, embed the MATCHED trailer and Scribd sampler on your blogs, post about them on Facebook, etc. 


Help the Cassia and the ARCHIVISTS spread the word embed the Scribd sampler and trailer to your blog.

MATCHED Scribd sampler (Chapters 1-7):

Also TWEET, TWEET, TWEET #get matched on twitter 


  1. What is all the hub bub about Matched. I found it the other day for a buck. Now it sits pretty on myshelf but I have yet to crack it. Too many library books sit next to me. *smirk* That is good thing and bad thing.

    Mad Scientist @ Steampunkery & Book Reviews


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