I am very pleased to be kicking off week one of the SWEET EVIL Read Along hosted by Mindy of Magical Urban Fantasy Reads and co-hosted by Jaime of Two Chicks On Books, Tara of Tater’s Tall Tails, Rachel of Fiktshun and me.

Please join me on my SWEET EVIL READ-A-LONG adventure. So, I love to travel, don't you? and road tripping is one of my favorite pastimes, but it requires a lot of prep work. First you gotta pack! Some may argue on what comes first, but I am a clothes horse so my outfits come first. 

Now you must have a kick ass car. My ideal mode of transportation would be the Delorean from Back to the Future. Flux capacitor anyone?

Make sure to bring lots and lots of junk food.

Now you want many awesome tunes to keep you happy and in a good mood so that you may accomplish your mission.

"I see a little silhouetto of a man
Scaramouch, scaramouch will you do the fandango
Thunderbolt and lightning - very very frightening me
Gallileo, Gallileo,
Gallileo, Gallileo,
Gallileo Figaro - magnifico"


or "What is love? Baby don't hurt me...no more"

 Yet, despite having the awesome car, loads of yummy treats and rockin' beats what is most important is your driving partner, in this case I have borrowed Kaiden for this road trip. *SIGH* (Must keep lusty thoughts in check)

In order to stay safe you must obey certain rules. Don't pick up hitch hikers even if they are NPH

or scary clowns

Make sure to obey all road rules so you don't get pulled over by the Po-Po

All of these factors are important to follow because you don't want to go all cray-cray on someone for not making your trip the best that it can be. If you keep it simple, have an open mind, a hot guy with lusty (SWEET EVIL) intentions then all will be fine. If not then this may happen. OHH NOES!

Hope you enjoyed my road trip rules. Please don't forget to check out the other road trip stories on the other blogs and join us in the READ-A-LONG for this deliciously hot book.

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I admit to being late to the SWEET EVIL awesomeness party. For months my dear blogging buddies (Tara and Mindy especially) have been on me to read this story. Yet, things kept getting in the way. Then I grabbed my copy and proceeded to get sucked into this story like a vampire at a human buffet free-for-all. I enjoyed this story more than I could possibly believe and I did not want it to end and now am plagued by the legionnaires of impatience.


  1. LOL I loooove the gifs (especially the Homer Simpson one!) Thanks for the giveaway!!

  2. Hahaha great post, especially the GIFs :)

  3. Good advice indeed, I shall take notice if I ever can live the road trip experience.

  4. I so want to read this book. I wish I had it so I could do the read along with y'all. Since I don't have the book though, I will just have to read all your chapter by chapter reviews.

    As for a recent road trip, my last trip I made was to Decatur, GA for a book festival. I was stoked all the way down so I didn't need caffeine...but on the way back I was worn out and never thought I would be able to walk again...we walked soooo much. I love road trips when I can take them...and I'm looking forward to my next road trip to Charleston, SC for the Y'allFest!

  5. I love all of the graphics you used in discussing your road trip advice to do list! Your post was entertaining to read! Thanksvfor participating in the sweet Evil read along and book give away! I am enjoying it immensely!!!!?

  6. HAHA I LOVE THE GIFS!!! SO funny! Yes very important to avoid the po po. Those speeding tickets really add up. Must have great tunes and dancing. I think NPH would make the road trip lots of fun. I forgot all about Harold and Kumar going to White Castle. That was quite a road trip! I just love the Homer gif. He eat like me! hehe

  7. the gifs are so cute... :)
    Road trips...I can't wait for the next experience with my family...

    I haven't read Sweet Evil yet but I have added it on my wish-list months ago. I hope that this semester break I may find time to read it. I was so busy in school (now that its barely two weeks away from Finals) that I can't read any books... :) Looking forward to this book! :)

    -Riz Bulatao

  8. I love the pictures! Avoid to Po-Po's, agreed! I love your post :)

  9. I LOVE this post! Those gifs are AWESOME! :D And the hot guy with lusty intentions is a must! (Love your idea of the perfect ride...I don't think I would have considered that, but it WOULD be fun. :P)

  10. I wish I'd seen your post before I took every one of my road trips. I constantly get pulled over by the po-po, I never pack enough, and have hardly ever had a super cool car to travel in.

    Though I'd never, ever, ever, ever pick up a scary clown. Is there such a thing as an un-scary clown? No... I don't think so.

    As far as NPH, I'd never give him a lift. Promise. He belted me with shopping bags in the Village years back so I would be more inclined to drive right on by with a wave. Or slow down a bit, let him think I'm picking him up and then pick up speed again. Yes NPH I can be mean too!

    I totally enjoyed your road trip rules. They were awesome. Thanks so much for sharing! :)

  11. These road trip rules are really helpful, I will definitely try them out :D
    NPH <3 I'd totally give him a lift!
    I loved Sweet Evil, I've re-read it multiple times :P

  12. LOL! Best post ever!!! Okay, this makes me want to scream TAKE ME THERE!!!
    Sooo funny! thanks for sharing this was totally great!!

  13. I thought as long as you have enough cash you can hit the road :D *kidding*


  14. Jesus christ!!
    I think I've declared you're the one who will sometime someday deflower me<-- -___- of my road-trip virginity... Seriously I've never been on one but CLOUDS girl! You make it LOOK not only sound awesome and fun!
    But... I have to say one thing...
    I was SOOO distracted by a tiny thing you've got on your sidebar...
    PLEASE tell me that is NOT a REACHED quote right there...
    Because if it is...
    Don't bother about deflowering me... I'm dead O_O
    I NEED that book like yesterday!!!
    Love your blog! I have to follow you now :D
    -Alba @ BookPics

  15. Your post is absolute genius!!! I LOVE it!!! You definitely got all the rules and I couldn't help but sing along with those two songs. LOL One thing's for sure, I'd never pick up that creepy clown!!! He freaks the heck out of me!!! *shudder*

  16. But...I love NPH! Ehh no freaky clowns! *runs away*
    Great post!

  17. Road Trips can be a lot of fun. I always forget to pack something.


  18. Awesome gifs! Sweetevil is such an amazing book! Im up for a road trip any day! ;0) gootsie_2004@hotmail.com

  19. good post, thx for the advice

  20. Ha ha! Ravenous Reader, Tommy Boy would've been awesome!

    Haven't read this yet, but my sister loved it and it's definitely in my TBR pile.

  21. Ohhh, Superantural gif, my fave.

    Awesome post and giveaway!

  22. Love the gifs! Can't wait to read Sweet Evil!


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