I consider myself to be very fortunate, for not only do I live in a great region, but I also have the distinct pleasure of knowing and supporting some amazing local authors. Yesterday afternoon, I and a few local bloggers (Tara, Jaime, Mindy and Momo) along with fellow authors, family and friends of Talia Vance whom all attended her SILVER book launch at the AVID READER in Davis. Once I walked in my eyes were treated to the most gorgeous Silver themed cake. Tara and I made it in the nick of time to our seats that Jaime saved for us (thank you!). Then as event started, Talia thanked everyone for attending as well as talking about SILVER,  then she proceeded to read some bits. Yet, she wasn't the only one to share in her debut joy fellow authors and friends Katherine Longshore, Veronica Rossi and Donna Cooner to join in on the event and they all read parts of their debut novels. Afterwards we were all treated to a nice Q and A session that ended with us eating some yummy cake.

Check out the gorgeous cake with the SILVER book cover on it. It was a chocolate/vanilla marble swirl with berry filling. YUM!
 Talia Vance is holding her debut novel SILVER
 Fellow authors and good friends Katherine Longshore, Veronica Rossi and Donna Cooner came to support and laugh with Talia.

Good friends and authors Katherine Longshore of GILT, Talia Vance of SILVER, Donna Cooner of skinny and Veronica Rossi of Under the Never Sky.
Door Prizes included ARC copies of Skinny by Donna Cooner, an ARC of The Archived by Victoria Schwab, Signed copy of Wonder Struck by Brian Selznick and book jackets of Silver. (purse not included) LOL.

Please check out all these amazing authors and their debut YA novels.



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