Review: THE RISE OF NINE by Pittacus Lore

THE RISE OF NINE by Pittacus Lore
Hardcover, 416 pages
Expected publication: August 21st 2012 by HarperCollins
ISBN: 0061974587
Source: Publisher
Rating: ♥♥♥♥

Until the day I met John Smith, Number Four, I'd been on the run alone, hiding and fighting to stay alive.

Together, we are much more powerful. But it could only last so long before we had to separate to find the others. . . .

I went to Spain to find Seven, and I found even more, including a tenth member of the Garde who escaped from Lorien alive. Ella is younger than the rest of us, but just as brave. Now we're looking for the others--including John.

But so are they.

They caught Number One in Malaysia.
Number Two in England.
And Number Three in Kenya.
They caught me in New York--but I escaped.
I am Number Six.
They want to finish what they started.
But they'll have to fight us first.

My Thoughts:

Are you ready for an amazing read? Because THE RISE OF NINE by Pittacus Lore is a crazy insane, roller coaster ride of action packed adventure.

This story takes off with a tremendous velocity that is worthy of voracious white-knuckle reading. I was left instantly breathless as I returned to this world of remaining Lorian citizens seeking to reunite with one another while trying to fight off Setrakus Ra and the impenetrable Mogadorian empire. While Six locates a few gardes number Four encounters a most reckless and powerful garde member that is hell bent on revenge (heck yeah!). Together they embark on a journey that will hopefully reunite them, but along the way they encounter some incredulous obstacles.

As always I am most happy to return to this world of Lorien and Mogadorian madness. The writing team behind this series continues to kick up the intensity notch and the action never stops. Just when I try to recover from one intense moment then another begins keeping me in perpetual gut clenching agony. AHHH!! Another aspect that adds to my happiness is becoming reacquainted with the characters that I have come to adore like number four and six while absolutely fan girling over new comers number eight and nine. I cannot go into much detail without being spoilerific but lets just say that you will enjoy certain aspects of this novel very much and will want to know what happens next????

I have to admit that while I like the quick pace that this story has it can get a bit overwhelming with the amount of action filled moments. The constant fighting and bouncing between characters can do your head in so I recommend reading while being on your game or having a great cup of coffee on hand.

Fans of this series will be sure to enjoy this novel and if you like an action packed story then you do not have to look any further because this is the series for you.


  1. Nice review! Cn't wait to read this! :)

  2. If you like the rest of the series the FUN doesn't stop HERE. Cants wait for the rest of the series!

    Charmaine Smith (Alaska Fishing Lodge)


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