Bay Area Book Event: TAKE THAT, NEW YORK! A NYMBC Event

How do I love the SF bay area? Let me count the ways.... 

OMG SO MANY AUTHORS! Signed up so far are:

Malinda Lo
CJ Omololu
Katherine Longshore
Jandy Nelson
Heidi R Kling
Cheryl Herbsman
Cory Jackson
Lewis Buzbee
Tamara Ireland Stone
Lynn Hazen
Amy Reed
Ingrid Paulson
Kristin Tracy
Corina Vacco
Stacey Jay
Avery Williams
Veronica Rossi
Lisa Desrochers
Veronica Wolff
Kirsten Hubbard
and more!
You can RSVP here!

Bay Area peeps, are you as excited about this event as I am? I cannot wait till this Friday it is gonna rule.


  1. Wait, next month? It's this Friday....

  2. Bad me. I copied my post from last month. It has been corrected. Thank you Alison :)

  3. It's going to be awesome!! Everyone have their fancy hats ready? :D I'll see you there, Nancy!

    There's gonna be cupcakes, too. ;)


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