Being a huge fan of audiobooks I was very pleased to find out that June is AUDIOBOOK month. Drawing interest to those lovers of reading to try and enjoy this entertaining book format is part of a campaign from the APA.

The Audio Publishers Association (APA) is a not-for-profit trade association that advocates the common, collective business interests of audio publishers. The APA consists of audio publishing companies and allied suppliers, distributors, and retailers of spoken word products and allied fields related to the production, distribution and sale of audiobooks.

Today, June 1 has been set as the major kick-off date and they are asking everyone to spread "the word" and talk about audio on June 1 to create a huge, coordinated impact across the country. Since I am such of fan of audiobooks this is my effort at getting the word out.

THIS IS HOW I AM GETTING INVOLVED (a list was posted on the APA site and I am taking that as inspiration for my own list)
 I will be Tweeting, adding a Facebook update and making blog entries throughout the month of June
  • Sharing a favorite listening experience and why 
  • Discuss my favorite audiobook player (AUDIBLE!!!)
  • Recommend an audiobook that I have enjoyed
  • Letting people know who my favorite narrators are (plenty)
  • Tell people where I listen to audiobooks (car, desk, gym, etc.) and when (during lunch, after dinner, before bed)
  • As per the APA suggestion I will use #JIAM2012 for June Is Audiobook Month-specific in my tweets 
These are just a few of the things that I am going to do this month and I hope that if you enjoy listening to audiobooks as much as I do that you will join me on this campaign and spread the audiobook love.


  1. I really don't listen to audiobooks very often. Happy AudioBook Month any how!

  2. I just adore audio-books!! I mean how can anyone not just love them? :)
    DeAnna Schultz

  3. I only have 3 audio books but I love them. I plan on getting more and will welcome what words of wisdom you have to share. Thanks

  4. I love audiobooks! So fun to meet others who love them like I do :)

  5. I'm addicted to audiobooks myself!


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