DEAL OF THE DAY: Discovery of Witches

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I have some exciting news for anyone who has not had the chance to enjoy A Discovery of Witches: Today, Amazon is offering the e-book as their “Deal of the Day” on June 10th, where readers will be able to buy it for just $2.99 on that day only.  Then you will be in prime position and ready to read SHADOW OF NIGHT when it hits stores next month. 

Shadow of Night is available for pre-order now

Also, On Deborah’s Facebook page, Penguin is hosting a contest leading up to the book’s publication.  Every Friday from June 1st to July 6th, four winners will be selected to receive an advance copy of SHADOW OF NIGHT signed by Deborah and sample bottles of two perfumes specially selected to represent the scents of Matthew and Diana. To enter, readers can click on this link to the contest page starting today. 

It all sounds so very amazing as this wonderful novel. So, what are you waiting for?


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