EVENT RECAP: Check out Team Dauntless, JOIN US + Read All About Our Giveaways for April!!!

 For the month of April, DivergentFans & TEAM DAUNTLESS will be posting contests everyday along with the rest of Team Dauntless.  We will be giving out a book a day starting tomorrow.  Most of them being ARCS!

All month long (until April 30th) you can enter for a NOOK with INSURGENT e-book from Team Dauntless.  You can enter as many times as you wish.  Follow the instructions for a full entry each time. The contest is on the homepage.
Why do you want to be Dauntless? Dauntlessness really means more than just being a daredevil or being fearless. Being dauntless is really about having fears and putting them aside to do what you have to. If you’re truly Dauntless, you would leap through a wall of flames to save another Dauntless, even though fire was your worst fear, and you could barely make yourself do it. A Dauntless would get a tattoo of something they’re afraid of, just to help get over the fear. What would you do?
YOUR MISSION:  Click this link http://bit.ly/choose_dauntless and share it with new recruits for Dauntless.  Share on Facebook, twitter, tumblr, everywhere.  We want #TeamDauntless to be HUGE!  When tweeting this link, make sure you add #DivergentNation to all you tweets.

Here is a full list of the TEAM DAUNTLESS websites that are participating!  Please visit them.


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