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In 2010 I reviewed Siobhan Curham’s first novel for teens, DEAR DYLAN, which she self-published, and I adored it. Now, a few years later, DEAR DYLAN has won the Young Minds Award and is being republished by Electric Monkey and I’m so very pleased to participate in the DEAR DYLAN blog tour with a guest post from Siobhan. Read my review of the book and then please, read on to find out about this story's main character Georgie.

Dear Dylan ~ Blog Tour
Day Four ~ Tales of a Ravenous Reader

For me, the key message in Dear Dylan is when the main character, Georgie (who is 14 years old), is told the following:
“Right now you are on a difficult page, but you won’t be stuck here forever. You have so many pages yet to fill in your life story – all crisp and clean and full of promise. So whatever is happening right now, hold on to that thought, and whenever you get the opportunity, have the courage to turn that page.”
The best thing I’ve learnt as I’ve grown older is that nothing lasts forever – not even the very worst of times. But when you’re a teenager it’s really hard to know this, as you don’t have enough life experience to draw upon. When bad things happen it is often for the very first time, so how are you supposed to know that they’ll one day change for the better. I remember, when my parents split up, and when I was briefly bullied at school, and when I first had my heart broken by a boy, thinking that the pain would never end. It just felt like a bottomless pit. Now, of course, years later, and having got over all of the above, I realise that when bad things happen you have to ride them out and look forward to the day when they’re just a distant memory.
In Dear Dylan, Georgie is going through a lot. Her step-dad is a bully and her mum isn’t coping at all with his abuse. I wanted Georgie, and any young person reading the book who might be going through similarly tough times, to know that things never stay the same and to gain hope from her experiences.
Georgie ends up finding the courage to ‘turn that page’ and manages to change her life for the better. The thought that a reader of Dear Dylan might gain comfort or inspiration from this is my greatest ambition as a writer. 

Thank you Siobhan for that bit of insight into Georgie's character. She is endearing, headstrong and dauntless. Which brings me to the second part of this post. I truly believe that  DEAR DYLAN is a special book and I want to Give my copy to a #TeamDauntless suporter.

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