Review: UNTIL I DIE by Amy Plum

by Amy Plum
Reading level: Ages 14 and up
Hardcover: 368 pages
Publisher: HarperTeen (May 8, 2012)
Language: English
ISBN-10: 0062004042
Source: Publisher
Rating: ♥♥♥♥

I wish there was only today, just right now, and no forever.

It seems fitting that I fell in love in Paris, the most beautiful city in the world. And if I pretend, I can almost believe that my life is normal and everyone I care about is safe.

But as long as I’m with Vincent, “normal” doesn’t exist. Gorgeous, charming, and witty, he’s everything you could ask for in a boyfriend—but his destiny is so much more.

Even more terrifying than his destiny are his dangerous enemies, enemies who will kill for immortality. How are Vincent and I supposed to be together forever if we’re always in danger?

I know I’ll do whatever it takes—even if it means lying to the people I love—to fight against a fate that is trying to tear us apart.

My Thoughts:

Upon finishing DIE FOR ME I knew that I had read something special and it quickly become one of my top favored reads for 2011. I wanted to read it's sequel UNTIL I DIE with a fevered passion and was beyond ecstatic at being able to return to this world of Immortals, romance and danger.

Upon returning to this mysteriously romantic world inhabited by Kate and Vincent I was pleased that little time had passed for I did not relish the idea that I would miss a single moment between these two characters and their diversely entertaining ensemble cast. At first everything seems normal and the young lovers are happy with a future full of possibilities, but Kate knows that this happiness comes at a steep price and wonder how long Vincent can manage.  Then an unexpected duo arrives and everything changes. Vincent seems distant and secretive and Kate cannot seem to shake the feeling that these new revenants are not what they portray to be. Vincent's immortality hangs in the balance, but will Kate be able to save him? ....You will have to read it to find out....

I adore the Revenant Series that Amy Plum has penned because she has done a marvelous job of creating a unique universe that is well detailed and guided while being romantically seductive at the same time.  It is this fine balance that makes the concept of a Revenant society work so well within this story along with an amazing cast of characters that you cannot easily forget. While I am a fan of Kate and her taste for old cinemas, croissants and a strong will. I am particularly fond of those revenant men that make my heart go pitter patter and I don't believe that I can ever get enough of Vincent, Jules and Ambrose. Le sigh...

One of my favorite bits is how Amy Plum does an amazing job of incorporating food into her writing and making your mouth water with her descriptive talents. After reading a particular passage about the culinary delight that is a croissant I had to go out and eat one and was not satisfied until it's buttery, flaky deliciousness was in my belly, that and a cafe au lait....nom, nom, nom. I have read many books that involve the consumption of food but non have uncanny ability at making me go bananas and want to ravenously consume every morsel it if it were the that last tasty bit.

The only bit of this story that I could quibble about is the lack of surprise in the "bad" guy of this story. I wanted to believe it otherwise and probably expected a twist, but I was still effectively engrossed within it pages and did not want to stop reading until the very last words and then I was left speechless.

If you are reader seeking romance, action and a good dose of drama you need not look any further, UNTIL I DIE is the book for you but let me forewarn you that you will become addicted, pleasantly so but addicted all the same :)


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