Made of AWESOME!: The Hunger Games Nail Polish

Dress Me Up: District 8, Textiles

Fois Gras: District 10, Livestock

Fast Track: District 6, Transportation

Hook and Line: District 4, Fishing

Stone Cold: District 2, Masonry

Smoke and Ashes: District 12, Coal Mining

Agro: District 11, Agriculture

Mahogany Magic: District 7, Lumber

Harvest Moon: District 9, Grain

Riveting: District 3, Technology/Mechanics

Electrify: District 5, Power

Luxe and Lush: District 1/The Capitol, Luxury

Are these the shades that you expected to see from the collaboration? Do you think it is missing anything or are you surprised by any of the shades? Sound off below!

The shades will be available in March. $5.99 each at


  1. This is awesome!!!! I heard they were fake so I'm super excited to that this is a reality!!

    Anna @ Literary Exploration

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  3. What about District 13? The collection doesn't seem complete without it.

  4. I have all of them but 1, 3, 10, and 12. I hope to collect them all. I just re-did mine for 5 districts at once! My favorite is dress me up or harvest moon. They match my favorite districts! :)


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