Event recap with John and Hank Green

Friday night I had the pleasure of seeing John and Hank Green at the Fox Theater in Redwood City, CA. It was such a magical night filled with loads of Nerd Fighters (nearly 1,300), several authors Nina LaCour and Heidi Kling, lots of laughter and dancing. I wanted to thank Kepler's, Angela Mann (YA event coordinator) and the owner of the fox theater for being fun and understanding. Here are my pictures and a video of the evening. If you choose to use any of these images/video I do not mind as long as you credit me.

The Fox Theatre
Guess which one I bought?
The Tour BusHank Green
John Green reading from THE FAULT IN OUR STARS
A little video entertainment

More images and video to follow

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  1. This is so wonderful; I would have loved to go. (Curse living in another country!) I’ve never even met another Nerdfighter, haha. But I'm happy to hear that you had a great time!


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