The Best News Ever: New book deal for Kendare Blake

Antigoddess, Book One
by Kendare Blake
TOR Teen
Kendare Blake's ANTIGODDESS series, where the ancient, perpetually teenaged Greek gods Athena and Hermes cling to life in the contemporary world, seeking the causes of their mysterious, slow deaths and gathering their allies in reincarnated form: Cassandra, an ordinary girl who was once an extraordinary prophetess; Odysseus, the handsome trickster; and other fickle characters with their own secret motives; they must all band together against Hera and Poseidon who have become horrific caricatures of their former glory in their desperation to survive.

Yes!! I am a huge fan of Kendare Blake and her new series sounds flippin' amazing. I cannot wait for her next endevour but am saddened that we all have to wait so long. Kendare has a unique flair for the macabre and I know she will create a world that will induce spine tingling fear.


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