Travel Log: BEA Bound Day One

May 23 - 26, 2011
Jacob K. Javits Center New York, NY

Yes. This day has finally arrived, and now I am on my way to NYC. Last year I had attended but was in a bit of a haze due to the fact that my mother was quite ill and hospitalized for nearly five months. So, you can say I was on auto pilot. I had debated on staying behind, but knew my mother was in good hands so I made the journey. I will admit to having NO idea that BEA would be as overwhelming as it had been, but it was also exhilarating and quite exhausting. Who knew?

This year I plan to be quite aware, energized and ready to explore my love for books. I hope that anyone that I talked to or not talked to won't think me rude or crazy because of my zombie-like manner last year. There was alot of my mind but I plan on being quite social this year.

Now, my bags are packed (not those bags to the left, but they were so cute I had to use them) and I should be on an airplane at this moment. I am going to meet up with my Linda at the The Optimistic Pessimist blog. Then we will travel up to NYC via car, train, subway system and by foot to join other bloggers in the amazing Casa de Bloggers. It is going to be fun to be around people that share your love of books, blogging and reading. I cannot wait.

Now, all this fun needs a plan and for me that means a
checklist. If you see me out on the BEA floor then you will understand how I need my lists to be on top of things. Does anyone else going do this? and how well do you stick by it? I hope that my efforts are in vain because It can get crazy on that BEA floor and I do not want to get lost in my focus (which can happen easily) Just show me and awesome book or some coffee and I can be a gone, baby gone.

For anyone that wants to witness my adventure of my travel to BEA and NYC follow me on twitter at @RAVENOUSREADR and I hope to keep you entertained and informed and maybe you can even guide me around, because I know I will be lost at some point.




  1. I hope you have a blast and I'll be there also on Tues and Wed. Wed I'll be doing a giveaway and hopefully getting tons of books myself :-D

  2. Hello! Hope we meet at BEA!!! :D I will be with other bloggers =]


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