BEA 2011: DAY 1 (Tuesday)

Wake up in the morning feeling like...well like me and I am so excited to be attending the biggest book event of the year.

BEA 2011 is finally . YEAY! The convention center is bustling with energy, people going in every direction and the conversations of books are filling the air.

"Ahhh, happiness"

I hope that I get to meet loads of people that I chatted with on twitter, facebook and my blog. That I get reaquainted with old friends. And that I get to thank those wonderful publishing contacts that have always been kind and generous to me.

I cannot wait to attend the many events that will host some of my favorite authors and some new authors that have created much buzz. To expand my book knowledge and maybe even my library. The prospect of finding out what is new on and the upcoming horizion is exciting beyond anything I can imagine. If you see me out on the floor please do not hesitate to say hello, I don't bite and if you get me on a roll talking about books then I can gab for hours.

See ya there...Nancyxx

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  1. Best of luck to you and have lots of fun for all the people who are sitting on the sidelines :)


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