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Amy Plum, debut YA author has written DIE FOR ME one of the most amazing reads of this year. I absolutely adored this story and all of it's engaging characters and it appears that I am not the only one who thinks her novel is spot on brilliant. DIE FOR ME was named to the Summer 2011 Indie Next list! WOW!! What an honor and she richly deserves it. I am always in awe of anyone that can write an amazing story and she is one of the reasons that I decided to travel to Portland for the Dark Days of Summer Tour. I cannot wait to meet her. In the meantime I was honored with a great and informative interview that lets you take a peak into the world of DIE FOR ME and it's author.

So, sit back have a croissant and some cafe au lait and enjoy and don't forget to purchase DIE FOR ME this tuesday May 10th went it is released.

RR: What is your book DIE FOR ME about?
Just for fun, let me answer that question in a few different ways.
ON THE SURFACE: The book is about Kate, a Brooklyn teenager who moves to Paris to live with her French grandparents after her parents die in a car accident. As she struggles to overcome her grief, she meets and falls for Vincent, a French teenager with some dangerous secrets.
JUST UNDER THE SURFACE: The book is about an American teenager violently ripped out of her comfortable world and thrust into a new life in a distant land where she is surrounded not only by a foreign culture but by beings who aren't even human.
AND EVEN DEEPER: The book is about overcoming tragedy, finding a kindred spirit in someone else who doesn't fit in, and deciding if love is worth the risk of suffering.

RR: I noted that you live in France, does your location inspire your writing process?
I live in the Loire Valley, so my current location didn't inspire DIE FOR ME. However I lived in Paris for five years in my twenties and fell in love with the city. That experience was absolutely behind the inspiration of the novel. I consider the city one of my book's main characters.

RR: Amy, what lead you to write such an amazing novel about a group of Immortals that is quite unique and very romantic?
My first book was a memoir, which--although it got me my agent--never got published. I wanted to try a completely different genre and had just read TWILIGHT. I confess that that love story transported me, and I wanted to create a romance in that style.
However, I didn't want to use vampires or werewolves, and I gave good thought to all of the other existent monsters and fictional beings, but couldn't imagine wanting to write about them for a whole book. So I decided to come up with my own immortal being. For me revenants are a cross between zombies and gods. It was such an adventure to come up with their mythology that the pleasure of that process carried the book along.

RR: What kind of research did you have to prepare for DIE FOR ME?
I didn't prepare any research ahead of time. But as I conceived of each revenant, I did look into era-appropriate names and researched a bit of background (specifically for Ambrose and Lucien). Most of the information that I used comes from life experiences or though my art studies or in my readings about a topic that fascinates me: occupied Paris during WWII.
The places I used were ones I had lived or frequented when I was in Paris. I intentionally used locations that I wouldn't need to research. But after my first draft, I did a little walk-around of Papy and Mamie's neighborhood to choose a building for their apartment and Jean-Baptiste's house. That way I had visual anchors and distances in my mind as I rewrote and fleshed out the story.
I also did a bit of research into classical languages and mythology to come up with the terms “numa” and “bardia” (the second of which isn't used until Book 2).

RR. I know that I have several characters in DIE FOR ME that I Who was your favorite character in DIE FOR ME and why?
That is a really difficult question, because I love all of my characters. I know their backgrounds and what made them who they are, and I feel very fond and protective of them. Besides the fact that I have put a bit of myself into several of them!
If I had to choose one, it would have to be Kate, because I identify with her so much. She is at this crucial place in her life where all of her security has been ripped away and her future is completely hers to decide. The decisions she makes now will shape what the rest of her life will look like. I've been there. It's the most frightening place to be. And it is the most awesome place to be.

RR: What do you want your readers to take away from your book?
A longing for beauty and love. And a sense of having spent a few hours in a dream world that could just possibly exist.

RR: What was your favorite book that you read as a teen and why?
I always loved books with strong female protagonists. PIPPI LONGSTOCKING was one of my favorites as a little girl, as was the LITTLE HOUSE ON THE PRAIRIE series. As a 'tween, I read the Narnia series several times. I wanted to be Lucy and Aravis.
And as a teenager, I truly loved TO KILL A MOCKINGBIRD. Scout was a literary hero for me. I admired her tomboyishness, courage, imagination and curiosity.

RR: What is on your nightstand now?
A big stack of New Yorkers. I'm currently rewriting UNTIL I DIE (book 2 of the DIE FOR ME series), and when I'm in intensive writing mode, I don't let myself read fiction--not just because I don't want to be influenced, but because I am too easily sucked into books and can't put them down. Which is not good for deadlines.

RR: What is the best way for a reader to find you i.e. facebook/twitter/blog?
I use my blog to write about the process of being published, and the book's own progress. ( I use Facebook to tell funny stories and post my news ( And Tweeting purely for inane chatting and the biggest of announcements (@iHeartRevenants).

RR: Thank you, for this great interview and I hope to see you again. It has been a pleasure.
Thank you, Nancy, for inviting me!

Amy Plum Tour Dates
June 7: Dark Days of Summer Tour, Chicago stop. Anderson’s Bookshop, Naperville, 7pm.
June 8: Dark Days of Summer Tour, Portland stop.
Barnes & Noble, Clackamas Town Center Mall, 7pm.
June 9: Dark Days of Summer Tour, Austin stop.
Book People, 7pm.
June 11: 1pm, DIE FOR ME signing at
Barnes & Nobles, Newburgh, NY
June 11: 4pm, DIE FOR ME signing at
Tuxedo Park Library227 Route 17, Tuxedo Park, NY 10987(845) 351-2207 to register


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