Four amazing days of author signings and pictures

I am always told how fortunate I am for all the author signings and events that occur in my area, and I have to agree. I am very greatful for the amazing indie book stores that are around to host this great authors and their books. The past few days was positively out of this world. Saturday I went to A GREAT GOOD PLACE FOR BOOKS and met Ruta Sepetys and she had a signing for her debut novel Between Shades of Gray. AGGPFB is a great little shop that I recommend to anyone that wants to spend some quality time in a great book store that has a lot of heart. Sunday I went KEPLER'S to see Kelley Armstrong who was on tour for her newest YA novel, The Gathering. Although it was a small event, I had a great time catching up with Angela, Alicia and her Mom afterwards. It is always the best part an event to dish on books and such. Monday was spent at BOOKS INC. in San Francisco to see the amazing Cassandra Clare and Fabulous Holly Black. These ladies are amazing and I am always in awe of being in their presence. I also have to give a shout out to the Not Your Mother's Book Club for hosting this great event with yummy food, contests and gifts. Thank you!! Tuesday, and let me tell you I was a tired girl by this day but I was too hyped up on adrenline to notice much. I went to yet another event hosted my KEPLER'S to see Cassandra Clare and Holly Black again. Yes, again but I don't care I adore those ladies too much to miss an opportunity. I had fun seeing old and new friends and talking about books until I could not think about anything else but sleep.
Holly Black reading from Red Glove and Cassandra Clare reading from Clockwork Prince

Holly Black and Cassie Clare having a good laugh about writing cliff hangers Cassandra Clare raising the roof at the Menlo Park library
Holly Black and Red Glove....Cassel *sigh* these earrings
This event was quite full, did you find the bloggers?
I WANT THESE SHOES, drat that Holly Black for making me obsessed
My buddy Cinnamon and my Steampunk outfit that won me first prize ;)
Holly Black in the rapid fire question round
Cassandra Clare in the rapid fire question round
Holly Black, Ted Naifeh and Cassandra Clare discussing books
Kelley Armstrong talking about The Gathering
Kelley Armstrong at Kepler's
Ruta Sepetys discussing Between Shades of Gray
Ruta Sepetys at A Great Good Place for Books

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  1. thanks for sharing! loving these photos and stewing in jealousy at the same time.


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