Before BEA: My Reading Goal

While on TWITTER the other night I noted a few bloggers talking about what they wanted read before they attended BEA. I really enjoyed seeing these posts and decided to post one of my own. My list is crazy and too daunting for words considering I work full time and have a parent that requires alot of my attention. Wish me luck.

So, are you attending BEA? and do you have a goal. If so, then I am curious and would love to know what it is.



  1. I'm not attending, but Starcrossed is amazing! I wish I could get my hands on Hereafter and Mercy. Good luck with your reading pile

  2. Im not attending BEA (too far away, something like it needs to be done in the UK! but your to read pile looks amazing.
    I recently read Shine, its pretty good! but I think that's all I've read from your pile. I cant wait to get round to The Magnolia League which I have from netgalley and I think I may have to get hourglass from the US cos it doesn't have a pub date over here yet and I really wanna read it!
    Have fun reading and I hope you get them all done in time for BEA! :D

  3. I do have a goal to reduce my reading pile before BEA, but I haven't chosen that many specific books because I do better if I just read what I'm in the mood for at the time.

  4. I would love to read Beauty Queens by Libba Bray. I'm jealous. :) There's no way I can attend BEA, so I'm going the ArmchairBEA route. I hope you enjoy the books and BEA.

    - Cassandra @ Wickedly Delicious Tales

  5. Good luck with your goal! I bet you can do it :) I set a crazy goal of 32 books before BEA - I hope I can do it.

    I have most of those books in my TBR pile at some point - I can't wait to hear what you think of them! :)


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