This is what I am doing today meeting ALEX PETTYFER

As your reading this I am probably in a long long line with many other fans waiting to see the stars of I AM NUMBER FOUR. Yes! I will actually get to meet Alex Pettyfer and Diana Agron. Then if that awesomeness isn't enough I have the delight of seeing I AM NUMBER FOUR right afterwards. SQUEEE!!! I am doing the happy snoopy dance, but I am probably so very tired that my happy dance looks like a shuffle. For those that are interested just follow my tweets on twitterland to witness the craziness that is probably going down.


  1. That is so amazing, I hope you have an amazing time. Im also excited to see the movie, the trailers for it looked amazing. I would love to be up close and inches away from that super cute alex. Plus Diana is so cool, im a gleek :)

    Please take plenty of pics form the event and post them for us readers. Have a awesome time!!!


  2. ugh, I don't think I could be more jealous right now! How lucky for you!
    Have a great time!

  3. WOW! I soooo wish I was there! Make sure you post on here about how it was.

  4. ugh!!! sooo jealous!!! you are soooo lucky!!! i didn't even know he was in the bay area!!! i would have totally gone if i knew about it!!!


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