Waiting on Wednesday: Paranormalcy by Kiersten White

Jill over at Breaking the Spine started this and I believe that it's awesome" This blog post is to alert those that visit about "the" book that we cannot wait to get our hands on.

This week's selection is PARANORMALCY by debut author Kiersten White. Isn't the cover beautiful? OMG! it is so stunning and after reading the tiny synopsis....me wants it now. What do you think and what is your WOW?

Sixteen-year-old Evie's job is bagging and tagging paranormals. Possessing the strange ability to see through their glamours, she works for the International Paranormal Containment Agency. But when someone--or something--starts taking out the vamps, werewolves, and other odd beasties she's worked hard to help become productive members of society, she's got to figure it out before they all disappear and the world becomes utterly normal.

Normal is so overrated


REVIEW: Incarceron by Catherine Fisher

INCARCERON by Catherine Fisher

  • Reading level: Young Adult
  • Hardcover: 448 pages
  • Publisher: Dial (January 26, 2010)


    INCARCERON is a story that is an imaginatively rich and uniquely different from anything you have ever read before. A Gothic, enigmatic, steam punk adventure tale that will slowly seep into your mind and flourish there.

    Catherine Fisher's INCARCERON is a novel of a an unprecedented penitentiary system created in a dystopian world that is self sufficient, complex and vast beyond any one's imagination. All of those that inhabit the prison can never leave and It is believed by those outside of it's walls to be a Utopian society but nothing could be more contradictory.

    INCARCERON centers on two characters from both sides of it's prison walls. Finn is on the inside, part of a cut throat group of bandits that terrorize it's inhabitants. Although Finn is part of this group he does not feel as if he ever truly belonged to it or to Incarceron itself. A fact that his blood brother Kiero does not understand but tolerates because it is believed that Finn is a star seer; a person receiving guidance from Sapphique the only person to have ever escaped Incarceron.

    Claudia is on the outside, daughter to the warden of Incarceron. Engaged to wed the Queen's son and too smart to withstand the insipid folly of court politics, but an unfortunate pawn in her father's wishes for power. She dreams for a different life, one of freedom from society's tyranny and for her lost betrothed whom had died many years before.

    What happens between these two character's that sets them on the same path is mind bending. You will be sent on an adventure that is full of plot twists and drops that will leave you thunderstruck and just as you think you have it all figured out the rug gets pulled from underneath you and all you want is more more more. I will admit to having a bit of a struggle within the first fifty pages because the world that Catherine Fisher created is so complex and detailed that my mind was working overtime to process it all but I am glad that I was tenacious and stayed with it. Once I absorbed this new world into my brain I was reluctant to leave it and was consumed by it's story and cast of memorable characters that rounded out this astonishing book. I cannot wait for Saphhique the next book in this series.

    I highly recommend this book to anyone who enjoys adventure, intrigue and imaginative story telling at it's very best.

    I wanted to thank Sophie from So Many Books, So Little Time for sending me this book. I really enjoyed it and cannot thank her enough for it :)

    REVIEW: THE RECKONING by Kelley Armstrong

    THE RECKONING by Kelley Armstrong

  • Reading level: Young Adult
  • Hardcover: 400 pages
  • Publisher: HarperCollins; 1 edition (April 6, 2010)


    THE RECKONING has a been a long awaited sequel for me. I could not wait to see how things would progress, what would happen next and I was entertained. The action and nail biting suspense had me as it's prisoned audience.

    Kelley Armstrong has created a world with the Darkest Powers trilogy that I thoroughly enjoy. The story concept is wicked good with characters that I have grown to love.

    As THE RECKONING begins we find Chloe and her gang of genetically altered teens in a safe house, brought there by their rescuers, but are they really safe? Derek has his suspicions but Chloe and the rest want to believe in those that rescued them. As they are questioned about their respective skills it is Chloe's necromancer talents that seem to cause the most concern and she will have to fight for her very life when she encounters a member of the undead that is pure evil. If that isn't enough for Chloe she has to also navigate feelings between Derek and Simon, find a way to save her aunt Lauren and Rae and find a way to stop the Edison Corporation from killing her and her supernatural friends.

    As the final book to this series I was pleased with how things got wrapped up, but did not care for the ending. It was left too open for me and from my recent discovery it seems as if there is going to be a fourth book in the same world so I will have to wait and see. I did enjoy the nail biting moments of which there are many, those are the moments when Kelley Armstrong really shines. There were times when I would could actually feel the hair raise on my neck and I would look over my shoulder just to be safe...wicked cool. I love when a book can do that. The only other issue I had was repeat of I like you/I don't like you moments between Chloe and certain character that tried to build romantic tension in the story. I am all for romance but could have missed a few of those encounters.

    THE RECKONING is a good solid read filled with some of the best suspensefully scary moments around and if your a fan of The Darkest Powers trilogy you cannot miss reading this novel.

    For more information you can check out http://www.chloesaunders.com/

    In My Mailbox: 3/28/10

    In My Mailbox lets you peek into the contents of my mailbox on a weekly basis. I am listing all the lovely books that I have acquired this week. If you would like to participate and have your own “In My Mailbox” post, you can find more information here on the Story Siren's blog, where it all began..(This post was inspired by Alea of Pop Culture Junkie
    I have not participated in the last few weeks because everyday life has been quite overwhelming and eventful. I am glad to say that things have calmed down and am very happy for my new reads. I hope that everyone else has been as fortunate. These have been my books for the last few weeks. What has been in yours?
    For Review:
    THE ETERNAL ONES by Kirsten Miller**August 2010
    THE EVIL WITHIN by Nancy Holder**June 2010
    PAISLEY HANOVER: Kisses and Tells by Cameron Tuttle**July 2010
    THE PRINCE OF MIST by Carloss Ruiz Zafon**May 2010
    CLAIRE de LUNE by Christine Johnson**May 2010
    RED MOON RISING by Peter Moore**November 2010
    TANGLED by Carolyn Mackler**January 2010
    LITTLE VAMPIRE WOMEN by Louisa May Alcott and Lynn Messina**May 2010
    GUARDIAN AT THE GATE by Michelle Zink**August 2010
    WHISPER by Pheobe Katanadis**May 2010
    THE IRON DAUGHTER by Julie Kagawa**August 2010
    MY SOUL TO KEEP by Rachel Vincent**June 2010
    STARGAZER by Claudia Gray
    HOURGLASS by Claudia Gray

    CONTEST REMINDER: March Madness

    I just wanted to put out a friendly reminder to anyone that may have missed this contest. It is truly awesome and I cannot wait to pick the lucky winner. Just click on the lucky clover above and enter.


    Before I fall by Lauren Oliver, The Sky is Everywhere by Jandy Nelson and The Dead-Tossed Waves by Carrie Ryan. All books are signed by the authors

    Waiting on Wednesday: Enchated Ivy by Sarah Beth Durst

    Jill over at Breaking the Spine started this and I believe that it's awesome" This blog post is to alert those that visit about "the" book that we cannot wait to get our hands on.

    This week my selection was brought to my attention by a dear friend that love love loved the cover and concept and now I am a fan also and cannot wait to read this enticing book. Sarah Beth Durst also wrote ICE which was a fantastic novel so I am sure this will be just as entertaining.

    What do you think about it? and what is your WOW for this week?


    a novel by Sarah Beth Durst
    coming October 2010 from
    Simon & Schuster / Margaret K. McElderry Books

    A story about getting into college. You know, taking the campus tour, talking to the gargoyles, flirting with the were-tigers, riding the dragons...

    While visiting the campus of Princeton University, 16-year-old Lily discovers a secret gate to a magical realm and must race against time to save herself, her world, and any hope she has of college admission.

    I ADORE THIS COVER and if you click on it you can get the high res image :)

    AUTHOR EVENT: Gayle Forman

    Gayle Forman is going on tour. Gayle is an accomplished author of several novels, but most known for IF I STAY which is one of my all time favorite reads. I am beyond excited that she is heading my way and cannot wait to meet her.

    Events & Appearances

    Monday April 5th, Portland, OR

    Powell’s, 7 PM

    3415 SW Cedar Hills Blvd., Beaverton OR 97005


    Tuesday April 6th, Seattle , WA

    Third Place Books, 7 PM

    17171 Bothell Way, Lake Forest Park WA 98155


    Wednesday April 7th, Oakland, CA

    A Great Good Place For Books, 7 PM

    6120 LaSalle Avenue, Oakland CA 94611


    Thursday April 8th, Tempe AZ

    Changing Hands, 7 PM

    6428 S. McClintock Dr, Tempe, AZ 85283


    Saturday, April 10th, Houston, TX

    Teen Book Convention 10AM-4PM

    14532 Memorial Drive, Houston TX 77079


    Sunday, April, 11th, Coral Gables, FL

    Books & Books, 5 PM

    265 Aragon Avenue, Coral Gables FL 33134


    Thursday April 22nd, Madison, CT

    R.J. Julia Booksellers, 7PM

    768 Boston Post Road, Madison CT 06443


    Monday, April 12, Brooklyn, NY

    Bookcourt, 7PM

    163 Court Street, Brooklyn, NY 11201


    Saturday April 24-Sunday April 25, Los Angeles, CA

    Los Angeles Times Festival of Books

    UCLA, 405 Hilgard Avenue, Los Angeles, CA 90024

    REVIEW: SISTERS RED by Jackson Pearce

    SISTERS RED by Jackson Pearce
  • Reading level: Young Adult
  • Hardcover: 336 pages
  • Publisher: Little, Brown Books for Young Readers (June 7, 2010)


    Sisters Red is unlike any story I have read before. Filled with sisterly devotion, hidden romance and dangerous wolves that will not leave you thinking of Jacob Black.

    Jackson Pearce has created a world that is so descriptive and frightening that it made me question the sounds that went bump in the night. SISTERS RED is well told, packed with suspense and nail biting action that keeps you gripping your book for dear life.

    SISTERS RED centers on Scarlett and Ruby, sisters that have become a powerhouse duo of wolf assassins. Although both are trained it is Lett that is obsessed with killing them all. Ruby longs for a different life but feels obligated to Lett because she sacrificed herself to save her. Then a long departed friend returns to the fold and things between Lett and Ruby change. Ruby begins to seek happiness outside of the bloodshed and finds romance and a new lease on life while Lett only seems even more obsessed on taking down a new coven. Their worlds are both going down different roads that will ultimately collide but will their relationship survive? or will they both perish.

    This story is told in two different points of view from each sister's perspective and although it is a different approach I would have preferred only having only one POV. Scarlett had a darker and more complex storyline that I preferred while Ruby seemed a bit boring in comparison. Still, the story concept is unique and Jackson Pearce did a fantastic job with this world of evil wolves and it's sisterly duo of assassins.

    If your a fan of kick-ass heroines and storylines with a dark edge then this is the book for you.


    RADIANT SHADOWS by Melissa Marr
  • Reading level: Young Adult
  • Hardcover: 352 pages
  • Publisher: HarperCollins (April 20, 2010)


    Upon reading Radiant Shadows I was a bit apprehensive because of my lackluster affection towards its predecessor, Fragile Eternity, but I need not have concerned myself because Radiant Shadows is beyond brilliant.

    With a return to the Wicked Lovely series, Melissa Marr has written a sumptuous tale filled with chaos, romance, secrets, passion, desire and blood. A story that will consume you from it's very first page until the last and you will find yourself reluctant to leave the world that was so amazingly written.

    Devlin is the creation of sisters-mother's Sorcha and Bananach. He is loyal to them both and the high queens assassin. Ani, a halfling, is the daughter of Gabriel, keeper of the wild hunt. A beloved of the dark court and of deep interest to both Sorcha and Bananach when it becomes known that there is more to Ani then anyone could have imagined. Years ago Devlin disobeyed his beloved queen and now that fact has come to haunt him or be his salvation he does not know. As Devlin tries to figure this out, Sorcha's court becomes suddenly tenuous as she slips away due to her inability to rule without Seth nearby and Bananach grows stronger with each passing day. Ani and Devlin must trust in each other despite their fears and find a way to save the world of faery before it ceases to exist.

    Melissa Marr has again created a story that I cannot stop thinking about. I adore the dark court and all of it's passionate characters. The whispers of treachery, danger and romance combined has caused me to fall in love with this series all over again and remember why Melissa Marr is one of my favorite authors. I have not enjoyed this series as much since WICKED LOVELY and now I am overwhelmed with the urge to find out what happens next. I want more and I want it now.

    This book is key for those fans of the Wicked Lovely series and if you haven't started them yet then you absolutely have to. It is positively addictive

    Waiting on Wednesday: ILLYRIA by Elizabeth Hand

    Jill over at Breaking the Spine started this and I believe that it's awesome" This blog post is to alert those that visit about "the" book that we cannot wait to get our hands on.

    This week's selection is ILLYRIA by Elizabeth Hand. The cover is gorgeous and the synopsis is making me want it now.


    Madeleine and Rogan are first cousins, best friends, twinned souls, each other's first love. Even within their large, disorderly family - all descendants of a famous actress - their intensity and passion for theater sets them apart. It makes them a little dangerous. When they are cast in their school's production of Twelfth Night, they are forced to face their separate talents and futures, and their future together.
    This stunning short novel, winner of the World Fantasy Award, is the perfect introduction to Elizabeth Hand's singular voice. Her many novels offer a window into what it means to create art, to experience it, to feel passionately about the world. Illyria throws her talent into high relief - it is magic on paper.

    REVIEW: WHITE CAT by Holly Black

    WHITE CAT by Holly Black

  • Reading level: Young Adult
  • Hardcover: 320 pages
  • Publisher: Margaret K. McElderry (May 4, 2010)


    Once I read the premise to WHITE CAT I was more than eager to read it. A story dealing with people having the ability to mess with you simply by the power of touch, heck yeah I was in.

    Holly Black had a brilliant idea with this story concept. The world building that she has created is unique and twisted. It is an interesting change to what is dominating the market right now.

    WHITE CAT is a story about Curse workers who have the power to mess with your emotions, memories or even luck by the slight touch of their hands. As you can imagine curse working is illegal so most of them are con artists or mobsters. Then you have Cassel a non-curse worker among a family that is filled with them. He tries to fit in among his classmates but always feels a bit off, has no true friends and finds himself plagued by the memory of the girl he once loved, murdered by his own hands. Then one night while having a nightmare with a white cat he finds himself hanging on for dear life and his world slowly begins to unravel. The nightmares intensify and to make matters worse his brothers exhibit odd behavior that he begins to question and the truth is worse than anything he could have imagined.

    With a story line like that how could I not be sucked in? and I was... until the plot line became apparent. The guise of mystery was not well in place and the big ending left me wishing I did not see it all coming. I also did not find much affection for most of the characters. What kept me engaged was Holly's talent for creating a a new world that I found fascinating and the ending did set things up for the next book in the series and I am interested to see what happens next.

    REVIEW: BEFORE I FALL by Lauren Oliver

    BEFORE I FALL by Lauren Oliver

    Reading level: Young Adult
    Hardcover: 480 pages
    Publisher: HarperCollins; 1 edition (March 2, 2010)


    Have you ever read one of those books that filled your mind with a myriad of feelings that you found it difficult to breath due to the emotional weight of it all? Well, I have found that beauty and sadness in reading BEFORE I FALL by Lauren Oliver.

    As I started to read BEFORE I FALL I admit to not liking Sam, the protagonist of the story, in fact I despised her. She exuded the typical behavior of a stuck-up popular high school girl, but as the story evolves so does Sam and you bear witness to her spectacular journey. The miracle of change, redemption and realization of what matters most in life.

    BEFORE I FALL begins with Samantha Kingston reliving the events of the day before the crash that takes her young life. At first you get to know Sam and her friends, and you have to withhold the urge to slam the book on them as you witness their antics and cringe for they are not likeable. The day winds down with all of them attending a party that ends with a deadly crash. Yet, that is only the beginning of this amazing story.

    After the crash Sam is somehow suspended in time forced to relive her last day in a sort of purgatory. In fact, she relives the day she dies seven times. At first she cannot seem to understand what has happened to her. Then with each day, as she approaches situations differently, events change and she learns more about herself and those around her, friend and foe. Then Sam realizes what she is supposed to do, why she has been given this gift and although the road is filled with self-doubt and heartache she does not quit until she has that last "perfect" day.

    I bet you wonder how a day can be relieved seven times without seeming redundant and boring and that is due to the amazing skill that Lauren Oliver has. Each day that was played out reveiled a new twist and turn that slowly changed your feelings towards Sam from dislike to admiration. I could not stop reading. I had to know how things played out and was transfixed and moved until the very end.

    BEFORE I FALL was one of my all time favorite reads and if you enjoyed IF I STAY, ELSEWHERE and THE EVER AFTER then this book is the perfect read for you and even if you haven't read those books you should read BEFORE I FALL for it will stay with you forever.


    It's Saturday and time for a Sneak Peek! A feature that allows you see a chapter or two of an upcoming book.

    This Saturday I have selected DEMON PRINCESS: REIGN CHECK by Michelle Rowen. I adored DEMON PRINCESS: REIGN OR SHINE and I could not wait for the next book. So here are a few chapters that are enough to keep you wanting for more.

    Just click on the awesome book cover and enjoy!

    May 25, 2010

    Enter the world of Nikki Donovan, a demon princess hell-bent on living a normal teenage life.

    Nikki Donovan has had a lot to deal with since learning she was half human, half demon. But things take a darker turn when Rhys, a gorgeous -- but potentially dangerous -- faery king enrolls at her high school to investigate Nikki's potential for fulfilling an apocalyptic prophesy. Nikki knows she'd never turn violent, and she certainly couldn't destroy the world...could she?

    Of course, all Nikki really wants is to be reunited with Michael, a Shadow creature whose status as her personal servant is further complicated by their undeniable attraction to each other. Even though the rules of the Shadowlands strictly forbid their romance, Nikki is determined not to let Michael go. But when she is summoned to the Underworld to appear before a demon council, it will take all her courage -- and perhaps a bit of demon-level strength -- to get herself out again.



    September 13th—Tour launches at Book People in Austin, Texas w Kelley Armstrong, Melissa Marr, Alyson Noel, Holly Black, Rachel Caine , & Cassandra Clare 7:00 pm BOOKPEOPLE BOOKSTORE

    September 14th—B&N The Woodlands in Houston, TX w Kelley Armstrong, Melissa Marr, Alyson Noel, Holly Black, Cassandra Clare, & Rachel Vincent. 7:00 pm B&N, THE WOODLANDS 1201 Lake Woodlands Drive The Woodlands, TX 77380

    September 15th—Blue Willow in Houston, TX w Kelley Armstrong, Melissa Marr, Alyson Noel, Holly Black, Sarah Rees Brennan, & Cassandra Clare 7:00 pm Remote location details to come Off site event hosted by: BLUE WILLOW

    September 16th—Lemuria Jackson, MS w Kelley Armstrong, Melissa Marr, Alyson Noel, Holly Black, Cassandra Clare, & Sarah Rees Brennan 6:00 pm LEMURIA BOOKS 202 Banner Hall 4465 I-55 North Jackson, MS 39206

    September 17th—Poisoned Pen Phoenix, AZ w Melissa Marr, Alyson Noel, Kelley Armstrong, Holly Black, Sarah Rees Brennan, Kimberly Derting, and Becca Fitzpatrick 7:00 pm Hosted by POISONED PEN at the Scottsdale Civic Library Auditorium (holds 300 people)

    September 18th—Keplers SF, CA w Melissa Marr, Alyson Noel, Kelley Armstrong, Melissa de la Cruz,, Becca Fitzpatrick, & Rachel Vincent KEPLERS (Remote location details to come )

    *chicks naps on the 19th*

    September 20th—Vroman’s w Melissa Marr, Alyson Noel, Kelley Armstrong, Rachel Caine, Melissa de la Cruz, & Mary Pearson 6:00 pm VROMANS BOOKSTORE

    September 21st —Mysterious Galaxy w Melissa Marr, Alyson Noel, Kelley Armstrong, Mary Pearson, Rachel Caine, & Carrie Ryan Time & Remote location: Encinitas County Library, 540 Cornish Drive,Encinitas, CA 92024

    September 22nd —Anderson’s Chicago w w Alyson Noel, Kelley Armstrong, Melissa Marr, Jackson Pearce, Jennifer Barnes, & Carrie Ryan 7:00 pm ANDERSON'S BOOKSHOPS 123 West Jefferson Avenue Naperville, IL 60567-3832

    September 23rd —Dayton OH w Alyson Noel, Kelley Armstrong, Melissa Marr, Jackson Pearce, Jennifer Lynn Barnes, & Kami Garcia 7:00 pm “BOOKS & CO: AT THE GREENE”

    September 24th —Cincinnati w Alyson Noel, Kelley Armstrong, Melissa Marr, Jessica Verday, Jeri Smith-Ready, & Margaret Stohl 7:00 pm Joseph Beth

    September 25th —Toronto w Alyson Noel, Kelley Armstrong, Melissa Marr, Jeri Smith-Ready, Kami Garcia & Margaret Stohl 2:00 pm CHAPTERS BRAMPTON 52 Quarry Edge Drive, Brampton, ON


    HELLO! Can you believe it is March already? This year is just speeding along and I have the greatest opportunity for meeting some fantastic authors. This month I will meet Lauren Oliver, Jandy Nelson and Carrie Ryan....SQUEE!! I know how friggin' exciting is that? I am extremely lucky to have them all visit my area and I want to spread that luck to one fortunate contestant. So, yes I am hosting another great contest


    Before I fall by Lauren Oliver, The Sky is Everywhere by Jandy Nelson and The Dead-Tossed Waves by Carrie Ryan. All books are signed by the authors


    1) Follow me and if you already are just say so

    2) Post this contest on your blog or sidebar

    3) You must leave your email in the post in order for me to contact you if you should win.

    4) Contest ends March 31st at midnight and is open internationally.


    Fantastic February Book Contest WINNER!!

    February was an awesome month because I had the pleasure of meeting some amazing authors and I was able to get their books signed for one lucky contest winner. I really enjoy my blog and I love having the opportunity of sharing my love of books. I wanted to thank all of the entrants (you all are made of awesome) and for those that did not win, be sure to keep coming back because I have another great contest for this month coming soon :)

    So without further delay the winner is.....

    KELSEY at Just Blinded Book Reviews



    Hello and I wanted to thank all of the entrants to my TOKEN OF DARKNESS contest and without further hesitation the winners are listed below

    LISA R

    The winners have been contacted via email. I will have more contests soon, so if you did not win this time you should keep looking for the next contest is around the corner

    Waiting on Wednesday: Ascendant by Diana Peterfreund

    Jill over at Breaking the Spine started this and I believe that it's awesome" This blog post is to alert those that visit about "the" book that we cannot wait to get our hands on.

    After reading RAMPANT the only the only thing that I have wanted is to read it's sequel. Now ASCENDANT is that wish realized and I cannot wait. The cover is gorgeous and squee!! for this wonderful story continuing.

    On Sale: 9/28/2010

    Now a fully trained unicorn hunter, Astrid Llewelyn is learning that she can’t solve all her problems with a bow and arrow. Her boyfriend has left Rome, the Cloisters is in dire financial straits, her best friend’s powers are mysteriously disintegrating, and her hope of becoming a scientist seems to be nothing but an impossible dream.

    So when she’s given the opportunity to leave the Cloisters and use her skills as part of a scientific quest to discover the Remedy, Astrid leaps at the chance. Finally, she can have exactly what she wants—or can she? At Gordian headquarters deep in France, Astrid begins to question everything she had believed: her love for Giovanni, her loyalty to the Cloisters, and—most of all—her duty as a hunter. Should Astrid be saving the world from killer unicorns or saving unicorns from the world?

    That is my WOW, what is yours?

    Author Interview and More with RON KOERTGE

    Hello everyone, today I have a special treat. An interview with author RON KOERTGE. Ron has been great in granting me an interview and for writing a cute and quirky story written in poetic verse.

    RR: Hello Ron, and welcome to The Ravenous Reader blog. I hope that you enjoy your stay while I ask you a few questions :)

    RR: Can you tell us about your upcoming book, Shakespeare makes the Playoffs?

    RK: It's a sequel to Shakespeare Bats Cleanup. Both are good-natured books for middle-grade/young adult readers. The hero of both is a fourteen-year old boy who loves poetry and baseball. Kevin keeps his affection for poetry secret (you know how boys are!) but he can't help but write poems and he's outed but in a good-natured way. He's such a good first baseman that his pals forgive him for being a writer. In Shakespeare Makes the Playoffs, he and a cute girl named Amy agree to try almost all the forms of poetry like sonnets and sestinas. Of course, Kevin already has a girlfriend who doesn't like poetry all that much. So you can see there's trouble brewing.
    RR: What is your favorite line from your novels?

    RK: In a novel of mine named Strays, the hero--a troubled kid brand new to the foster care system--is on a commuter train in Pasadena. There's a blind guy with a guide dog sitting close to him, and my narrator starts talking to the dog and the dog answers! That whole conversation is one of my faves.

    RR: Do you have any other YA books in the works?

    RK: I've got another sequel working. It's the second volume of Stoner & Spaz, a rough-around-the-edges novel about a boy with cerebral palsy and a girl who likes to smoke marijuana. An unlikely pair, for sure, but older kids love the book and it won the P.E.N. prize. Let's hope for more good luck for the sequel!

    RR: What book is on your nightstand now?
    RK: A novel called The Master. It's about Henry James. And it's written like Henry James writes. I like to read hard stuff that's not like anything I'd ever write.

    RR: What book has changed your life?

    RK: I have to say Catcher in the Rye. I was a fifteen-year-old boy in 1955, and I was feeling really out of place in my little hometown of Collinsville, Illinois. Holden swore a lot (I did and still do), was confused (I was and still am), and the novel made me laugh. I love to laugh and like to crack my friends up.

    RR: Had you always wanted to be a writer?
    RK:Probably. I just didn't know it for quite awhile. My parents were Depression-era people, so I was brought up to work hard and make a living. Could I do that as a writer? I stumbled into teaching, discovered I was pretty good at it, and did it for thirty-seven years. And I was able to write, too.

    RR: What do you do for inspiration?
    RK: I don't believe in inspiration. I'm a butt-in-the-chair guy. So I put it there every day, seven days a week, holidays included. I don't always write well, but I always write something.

    RR: What do you enjoy the most about the writing process?
    RK: I like going to work every day. My wife and I have a cat (Buddy the Poetry Cat. There's a picture of him on the Facebook page). When my wife goes off to the city college at 7:30 or so (she's a counselor there), Buddy and I go upstairs to the studio, and we see what the Muses have in mind for us.

    RR: What would be the best way for readers contact you? Do you have a website? Email address? MySpace site? Blog? Message Board? Group?
    RK: I have a Facebook page, but visit it by searching for "Shakespeare makes the Playoffs" and not "Ron Koertge." (There seems
    to be another version of me in Texas.) Also Candlewick Press has all their authors at the Candlewick site, so I'm there, too.

    RR: Thank you for visiting and granting me an interview. It has been a pleasure.
    RK: For me, too. Thanks

    REVIEW: Shakespeare Makes the Playoffs YYY
    Shakespeare Makes the Playoffs is a book written in poetic verse it's the sequel to Shakespeare Bats Cleanup a story about a fourteen year old boy named Kevin who is ill and cannot play baseball as he wants to and decides to write about his life experiences through many forms of poetry. In Shakespeare Makes the Playoffs Kevin returns, playing on the baseball team while continuing his attempts at writing poetry. He is still adjusting to life without his mother, as is his father who is starting to date again. Throughout all this change Kevin is struggling with his feelings between the two girls in his life, one being his cute girlfriend and the other the new girl that seems to understand the burgeoning poet in his soul.
    I adored the voice of a fourteen year old boy demonstrated through Kevin's poetry. Some moments displayed in his life are poignant and beautiful, while other pieces feel exactly like a young boy attempting to dive into the world of poetry. There is a story being told through these poems that is a delight to read and Ron Koertge did an amazing job of making this story shine.

    CONTEST(S) REMINDER. Don't miss out!!

    Happy Sunday!! I hope everyone is doing well and I want to remind everyone that I have two great contests that are ending Monday, March 8th 2010 at midnight. If you have entered then YEAY!! and if you have not then what are you waiting for :)

    Sneak A Peek Saturday: The Sky is Everywhere by Jandy Nelson

    It's Saturday and time for a Sneak Peek! A feature that allows you see a chapter or two of an upcoming book.

    This week's selection is THE SKY IS EVERYWHERE by debut author Jandy Nelson. This novel was an amazing read and I hope that these chapters whet your appetite and get you interested for it is truly amazing. Just click on the book cover and enjoy your read :)


    Seventeen-year-old Lennie Walker, bookworm and band geek, plays second clarinet and spends her time tucked safely and happily in the shadow of her fiery older sister, Bailey. But when Bailey dies abruptly, Lennie is catapulted to center stage of her own life—and, despite her nonexistent history with boys, suddenly finds herself struggling to balance two. Toby was Bailey's boyfriend; his grief mirrors Lennie's own. Joe is the new boy in town, a transplant from Paris whose nearly magical grin is matched only by his musical talent. For Lennie, they're the sun and the moon; one boy takes her out of her sorrow, the other comforts her in it. But just like their celestial counterparts, they can't collide without the whole wide world exploding.

    This remarkable debut is perfect for fans of Sarah Dessen, Deb Caletti, and Francesca Lia Block. Just as much a celebration of love as it is a portrait of loss, Lennie's struggle to sort her own melody out of the noise around her is always honest, often hilarious, and ultimately unforgettable.

    REVIEW: The Sky is Everywhere by Jandy Nelson

    THE SKY IS EVERYWHERE by Jandy Nelson
    Reading level: Young Adult
    Hardcover: 288 pages
    Publisher: Dial; 1 edition (March 9, 2010)


    THE HEART IS EVERYWHERE is a WOW of a novel!!! I adore this book for every single word between it's mesmerizing pages and wish that I could have my memory wiped clean so that I may enjoy this amazing novel all over again.

    Jandy Nelson debut effort showcases an amazing talent that has a strong YA voice that will make you laugh and cry over this beautifully intense story.

    THE SKY IS EVERYWHERE is a story about a Lennie, a girl that is dealing with the sudden death of her beloved and vivacious older sister Bailey. A loss that is not only felt by Lennie but by her Grams, Uncle Big and Toby, Bailey's boyfriend. Lennie feels untethered with her loss, so filled with grief that food tastes like ash and the only solace she wants is the inner sanctum of the room they once shared. Then she begins to talk to Toby and together they are able to draw comfort in each other from their loss and sorrow. Soon feelings begin to surface and as Lennie tries to process them a new boy comes to town and he turns her world around with his musical talent and bat bat bat of his eyelashes. Both guys are different as night and day and both are important to Lennie's healing process but there can only be one Heathclif to her Catherine and in one crazy moment it all begins to unravel. Lennie must find it within herself to live her life out of her sister's shadow and become her own person while dealing with her grief that will always be a part of her.

    THE SKY IS EVERYWHERE is heart wrenching and emotional, powerful and deeply engrossing and once I began I could not put it down. I loved how Lennie's feelings where expressed through her revealing poems and how she easily wore her heart on her sleeve. It was so very refreshing and amazing I could not get enough of Lennie's voice. I was hooked from the very first line and I had to know how it all played out and I was not disappointed.


    Hey hey hey! It is time to announce the contest winners for Lynn Weingarten's novel WHEREVER NINA LIES....drum roll please......and the 3 winners are.

    1)LISA R

    The winners just have to contact me curlyshoe@gmail.com and send me an email with their US address and the book will be sent to you. I want to thank everyone for entering and to make sure and check out my other contests :)

    Waiting on Wednesday: FIRELIGHT by Sophie Jordan

    Jill over at Breaking the Spine started this and I believe that it's awesome" This blog post is to alert those that visit about "the" book that we cannot wait to get our hands on.

    This week I have selected FIRELIGHT because
    a) It has the most awesome cover
    b) Just reading the synopsis has me hooked
    c) I love dragons
    What do you think? Don't you just want to read it like RIGHT NOW!!!

    FIRELIGHT by Sophie Jordan
    On Sale: 9/7/2010

    With her rare ability to breathe fire, Jacinda is special even among the draki—the descendants of dragons who can shift between human and dragon forms. But when Jacinda’s rebelliousness leads her family to flee into the human world, she struggles to adapt, even as her draki spirit fades. The one thing that revives it is Will, whose family hunts her kind. Jacinda can’t resist getting closer to him, even though she knows she’s risking not only her life but the draki’s most closely guarded secret.

    This YA debut by bestselling romance writer Sophie Jordan is a unique and fresh offering for paranormal fans. Between the main characters' fiery, instant connection, the dire consequences at stake, the pressures of fitting in at a regular high school, and the threat of the draki community tracking them down, Firelight is sure to make your skin tingle and your heart race.

    So, What is your WOW for this week?

    Trailer Tuesday's: THE DEAD-TOSSED WAVES

    Yeay! for it's Tuesday and time for one of my favorite features, book trailers. I have to admit I love trailers and this one is for a book that I thought is super awesome. The trailer is well made and suspenseful. ENJOY.

    What do you think? Do you enjoy book trailers and if so why? Which is your favorite trailer and why?

    BLOG TOUR with Amelia Atwater-Rhodes

    Hello Amelia, and welcome to The Ravenous Reader blog. I hope that you enjoy your stay while I ask you a few questions :)

    RR: Can you tell us about your newly released book?

    Token of Darkness was an odd story for me to write. It is in many ways very different from my previous books. When I read the back of the book for the first time (no, I don’t write those blurbs), I literally paused and went, “Huh. I wrote that?”

    The main character, Cooper, is not my normal protagonist. He is very mainstream, from a happy home; he is a football player with a healthy social life and normal dreams of his future, and he would have been happy to stay that way if the person writing his fate (me) hadn’t insisted on causing trouble. Also, although Token takes place in the exact same world as all my other published works, Cooper never (to his knowledge or mine) interacts with any of those characters or even breeds- no vampires, no Tristes, no Macht witches, no shapeshifters. There was originally a scene with Cooper in Persistence of Memory, where Erin met him briefly at SingleEarth, but it ended up cut from both books. Interestingly enough, the character Brent was also originally in Persistence of Memory. He (who used to be a she named Bri) was cut from Persistence as Sassy began to take a larger role, but then was perfect for Token… except that s/he had to be a guy to get the right kind of dynamic with Cooper.

    Finally, as I’ve mentioned in other locations, Token is also more personal than many of my books. There is a lot of “me” in it, not in an obvious way for strangers, but obvious enough that I had beta readers who know me well read it and go, “I’ve heard you say that” or “I can tell you liked writing this scene.”

    RR: What is your favorite line from Token of Darkness?

    It would be hard for me to identify one particular favorite. Token has a lighter feel than much of my writing, and a lot of lines I find humorous, such as most of the dialogue between Cooper and Samantha.

    One of my favorite moments is when Brent and Cooper first meet. Cooper tells Brent he is writing a book about ghosts in order to explain why he is researching them, and Brent starts coming up with a plethora of story-line suggestions, only to conclude with “I’m not creative” when Cooper asks if he writes. Brent (originally Bri) was inspired by and originally named after the leader of my writing group, who is far too modest for her own good sometimes, so that scene is as much a nod to her as it is an introduction of the character Brent.

    RR: Do you have any other YA books in the works?

    The next book slated for release is All Just Glass, a long-time-coming follow-up to Shattered Mirror. I have quite literally been working on the book on and off for the last ten years, and am very excited to have it nearly complete now (I just received the first cover proposal from my editor).

    The next book after All Just Glass isn’t finalized yet, but I am leaning toward Poison Tree, which looks more closely at both SingleEarth (from Shattered Mirror) and the Bruja Guilds (from Midnight Predator). And later… well, I’ll just say I’m contemplating something big.

    RR: What book is on your nightstand now?

    At this exact moment, I lack a nightstand… but if I had one, it would have Assessing Learners with Special Needs: An Applied Approach; ¡Ven conmigo! and Home Improvement 1-2-3. The first is the textbook for the graduate course I am currently taking to finish the requirements for my licensure in special education, the second is the textbook for the high school Spanish class where I am working as an assistant, and the third was a recent gift from my brother-in-law. My fiancée and I are buying our first house, and immediately after moving in I will be redoing the bathroom, so all my relatives have taken to giving me how-to books and tools lately.

    My most recent pleasure-read was Flashforward by Robert J. Sawyer. I’m not good at following television shows, but I had seen a couple episodes without realizing the show was based on a book. I quickly discovered that the book and the novel are very different- I would even say they are different genres; they are certainly aimed at different audiences- but I am enough of a science nerd that I liked the book much more than the show.

    The book I most wish was on my theoretical nightstand is The Dragon Keeper by Robin Hobb. I am very much a fan, and was thrilled to see she had returned to that group of characters, but I have so much going on right now that I had to resist buying it when I saw it in the bookstore. I have promised it to myself once the move and bathroom renovation are complete.

    RR: What book has changed your life?

    Stranger in a Strange Land by Robert Heinlein had a huge impact on me. It would be hard to articulate exactly what that impact was, except to say it made me think in a way I hadn’t previously.

    In the list of books that have changed my life, I would also have to include Shakespeare’s Macbeth, though it wasn’t the story so much as my experience with it that caused the effect. I was first introduced to Macbeth in fourth grade by my teacher, who directed the entire class in a production of the Scottish play. I remember having words like “wherefore” on weekly vocabulary and spelling quizzes. Being involved in drama is an incredible, empowering experience. Being involved in high-quality, Shakespearian drama at that age definitely effected my views of what was possible. I certainly was never afraid of any English language arts reading assignment ever again- or of the notion of writing a novel.

    RR: Had you always wanted to be a writer?

    I get this question a lot, but the truth is, I always have been a writer. As soon as I could talk, I began to tell stories, and as soon as I could write, I started writing them down. There was never a point in my life when I decided, “I’m going to become a writer,” just a point in my life when other people started recognizing me as one.

    RR: You have an impressive list of written work, if I had never read your books before what would you recommend that I start with first?

    Technically, all the Den of Shadows books are a series, and technically, they do occur in order, but they are all meant to stand alone, as well. The Kiesha’ra books are meant to be read in order, so I wouldn’t recommend starting with Wyvernhail, but beyond that, you can really start at whatever point appeals to you.

    RR: What do you do for inspiration?

    I rarely “do” anything particular for inspiration. It’s more likely to come to me, in either good ways or bad. For example, the inspiration for Token of Darkness came from three major sources: a reference in Persistence of Memory, a doodle, and a traffic accident I witnessed.

    The reference in Persistence intrigued me. I wanted to know who this kid was, and what his story was. The doodle (I doodle with pencils, or with graphics editing programs) was of a girl with brightly-colored hair and clothes sitting in shadows on a stool on a wall. I had no idea who the kid or the girl were; they just hung around in my mind a while. Then there was the accident, which was one of the more horrible things I have ever seen. I started writing for catharsis, and the two characters who had been kicking around in my head stood up and said it was their story I was writing.

    That tends to be the way my writing goes. Good or bad, wanted or not, all of life is inspiration.

    RR: What would be the best way for readers contact you? Do you have a website? Email address? MySpace site? Blog? Message Board? Group?

    For the week of March 1 – 5, I will be on Random Buzzers answering questions. Beyond that, the best way to reach me is through my blog or message board at www.nyeusigrube.com. I rarely email people, but I do read all comments on the blog, and I frequently participate in conversations on that message board, which I personally own and maintain.

    Thank you for visiting my blog and for answering a few questions. I hope you enjoyed your stay.

    If you enjoyed this interview and it got your interest going then you should enter in my contest for a chance to win 1 of 5 copies TOKEN OF DARKNESS that I am giving away HERE

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