Freezer Books

In a memorable Friends episode, Joey and Rachel have traded their favorite books. Joey likes The Shining, but when he gets scared he puts the book in the freezer. Rachel has him reading Little Women. And Beth is really sick, and Joey is scared. So he and Rachel put the book in the freezer together.

JOEY: Beth is really, really sick.

RACHEL: Awwww.

JOEY: Jo's there, but I don't think there's anything she could do.


JOEY: Yeah.

RACHEL: Do you want to put the book in the freezer?

JOEY: Okay.


Well. I’m currently reading The Marbury Lens and I am about 12 chapters into the book and have had to put it down on several occasions because it has been uncomfortable for me to read. I finally got to the point where I had to put it in the freezer. I know that this book has been well received and has had amazing reviews, yet there has been certain situations that I cannot picture anyone reading without being disturbed.

So here I am with this book on freezer lock down and I am perplexed on what to do next. I want to know if anyone else has had this issue with any book they have read and have issues with. Do you keep reading? or do you place it aside temporarily? or maybe come back to it another day?

What book made you uneasy and what did you do about it. My curious mind is seeking the answer. HELP!


  1. I loved that episode! If a book ever made me uneasy ( And then there was none) I put the book under my bed and picked it up later ^.^

  2. Great question! I love that episode too and often use the phrase freezer books. As for freezer books of my own, I don't read scary books for that exact reason!! I can't think of anything I've read recently, but I would do the same thing if I was scared or upset with a book.

  3. Ooh, is it really that disturbing! Totally buying it now. There have been books that I've read that have been way too depressing and I've had to put aside because it was too much too handle. Some Ellen Hopkin books have done that to me as well as Looking for Alaska and The Book Thief.

  4. Aw I remember that episode!

    I've heard about the disturbing things in this book, now I'm curious to see what everyones talking about! The cover kinda creeps me out though...

    I don't think I've came across a book that has made me uneasy... uhm well maybe The Summoning by Kelley Armstrong. But I stopped reading it all together. So I don't have a solution for you really, sorry! But I do hope that you find one :)

  5. I'm really curious. However, if it is too disturbing for you to continue, just put a dnf with a small review as to why. A lot of bloggers do it this way. Then you can just pass it on to someone who will love it. My freezer books may not be yours and vice versa.

    Hope you find a non-freezer book quick! :)

  6. I took a look at the book excerpt - I can see why it might be difficult, the excerpt hints at darker things to come. Pass the book along and read something fun.

  7. Well, I was reading Manifest by Artist Arthur, I like the book, but it really was creeping and scaring me (I am easily scared D: plus it was midnight!), so I forced my best friend to stay online on msn so I could talk to him everytime I pause reading LOL. I also had Teenage Dream by Katy Perry on repeat while reading to try to minimise the scariness LOLOLOL.

  8. My freezer book was American Psycho. I don't remember how many times I had to stop reading, but I eventually finished because I hate not finishing. And I wish I hadn't. It's been - what? - maybe 15 years since I read it and can STILL vividly remember those disturbing scenes. I haven't read The Marbury Lens so not sure what kind of disturbing it is, but maybe its best to keep it on ice?

  9. I always have to finish the book. I need to know that the person lives/is avenged/ overcomes or it just sits in the back of my mind, unsettling me. I hate it when thy sneak up on you.

  10. I absolutely love that Friends episode! I think that Rachel could have picked something better for Joey to read than Little Women lol! But I totally know what you mean by Freezer books! great post!


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