I rarely get on my soapbox to let people know how I feel about...ASSHATS! An Asshat by my definition is a true barbarian, stuck in a dangerous mindset, refusing to see reason while believing they are the vessel of justice, truth and moral living.

A dangerous man, Wesley Scroggins expressed his believes and views about SPEAK and before I muck everything up I thought to just include a excerpt from Laurie Halse Anderson's blog post so that you can witness the ASSHAT Mr. Wesley in action

Wesley Scroggins is an associate professor of management at Missouri State
University. He was also a speaker at Reclaiming Missouri for Christ, a recent
seminar whose purpose was to “To educate our pastors, legislators, educators,
students, and all citizens as to the truth about America’s Christian Heritage
and the role of fundamental, Biblical Christianity in the establishment and
function of our legal, legislative, and educational system, and to work towards
the successful reestablishment of these values in our society.”

(Note: I love Jesus. My dad is a United Methodist minister. I point out
Scroggins’ affiliation with this group so readers can understand his larger

Wesley wrote an opinion piece in the
News-Leader of Springfield, MO, in which he characterized SPEAK as filthy and
immoral. Then he called it “soft pornography” because of two rape scenes.

Can you believe that!!! Mr. Wesley thought that the rape scenes in SPEAK were considered porn. AGGGGGG! SPEAK by Laurie Halse Anderson is an amazing book that I believed helped many victims of Rape to SPEAK UP and give their horrible crime a voice and not keep it quiet.

So, you know what I am going to do? Although I already have two copies of SPEAK (one worn out and the other a special anniversary edition) I am going to buy a few more copies today and give it out to my friends and suggest they do the same. Wouldn't it be amazing to have SPEAK at the top of the best sellers list again right before banned books week and while someone is trying to ban it? I think so. Let's

If your looking for more information check out these blog posts:

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or twitter about it and let us know how you feel



  1. I cannot believe the things he said about Speak. The comments in that online article brought me to tears. It's sad that someone cannot see a book for its meaning and the true value of it.

  2. This guy is a professor at my university. I was appalled to find out that a representative of my school could write something so blatantly ignorant.

    If you're interested, I wrote about my thoughts here. I also have a Mr. Linky at the the end if you'd like to link up your post!

  3. I love that you called him an Asshat.

  4. WoW, I can't believe he said those things about speak, I adore that book and someone very close to me was raped and it just makes me so Angry when people don't know. WOW.


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