Author Interview with Rebecca Maizel, author of INIFINITE DAYS

Today I have the pleasure of hosting an interview with Rebecca Maizel the author of Infinite Days one of my favorite reads for this year. Infinite Days redefines the typical vampire story and sets it on its own unique path thus creating something truly special. So, sit back-relax and enjoy her visit
RR: I know this question probably has been asked loads of times but what is your debut novel, Infinite Days about?
Infinite Days is about a 592 year old vampire who gets a second chance at humanity. She's been a ruthless killer for so long that when her vampire sire, Rhode, offers to perform a ritual which makes her human again, she jumps at the chance. I have said this in other interviews but Infinite Days is about coming out of the darkness, running away from the evil that is vampirism and instead embracing humanity.
RR: What inspired you to write Infinite Days, for it is a well depicted and darkly romantic vampire tale unlike anything else before it?
Thank you! Lenah inspired the story. She had this very specific, voice, a tortured voice and she wanted to tell her story. 8 months later I had Infinite Days! (I edited the hell out of it don't get me wrong...) I think if you can free write, do writing exercises and find a character who must tell a story, your work will be motivated by the character's decision and less the plot.
RR: Lenah has had a very long life and as you read her story you are witness to her extensive journey. What kind of research did you do to accomplish such a great job.
Librarians are YOUR FRIENDS. Reference librarians are even BETTER friends. I exhausted librarians from around the world to help me. Specifically the local librarians in Girvan Scotland. :)
RR: Is Infinite Days part of a series and if so how many other books do you plan on writing in Lenah's story arc?
There are three books in the Vampire Queen trilogy. I am finishing the sequel now :)
RR: Will we ever see Rhode again? ( can't help asking that one. He is my favorite)
Ohhhh....:) You will have to pick up the final copy of Infinite Days to find out the answer to that one. If you look in the back there is the prologue and opening chapter of book 2.
RR: Do you have any other novels that you would like to write?
I am currently in the middle of a realistic novel set on Cape Cod. :)
RR: What is on your nightstand now?
Tiger Eyes - Judy Blume
Nightshade - Andrea Cremer
The Mockingbirds - Daisy Whitney
RR: How can fans find you?
I'll usually write you back within a couple of days. :)
RR: Thank you for stopping Tales of a Ravenous Reader blog. I wish you much success with Infinite Days and all your subsequent novels.

Thank you!!!

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