THE UNWRITTEN RULE by Elizabeth Scott
Reading level: Young Adult
Hardcover: 209 pages
Publisher: Simon Pulse (March 16, 2010)
Series: No
Author Website: Elizabeth Scott
Cover Look: Bunion eww!

Longing looks, dreamy sighs and guilty feelings...thus is the constat state of being for Sarah; A girl that is head over heals in love with a guy that she cannot have.

In THE UNWRITTEN RULE, Elizabeth Scott explores the code that is known to everyone (if you don't know it) Lean in.... *whispers* you don't fall for you best friend's boyfriend, got it? Good.

Sarah is a good girl; a model student, loving daughter and longtime BFF with Brianna. Sarah can cope with not being as popular or gorgeous as Brianna for it has always been that way but she cannot escape the fact that she has fallen for Brianna's boyfriend Ryan. Sarah has always liked Ryan and now the close contact has made her painfully aware of how much she likes him. Brianna is oblivious to this fact because she is self obsorbed a bit cruel and has a horrid parents that would make anyone cringe and hide under a rock.

As Sarah tries to deal with her emotions she soon begins to get signals from Ryan that he might like her also. What is a girl to do?

THE UNWRITTEN RULE is a quick read dealing with a subject that I am sure happens often. What I did like is that this story did not have candy coated relationships and I was in contant emotional flux in regards to Brianna, she could easily be the girl to "hate". Yet, I felt I could understand her and where she was coming from. Upon finishing I was left perplexed in regards to her and I found that I liked that. The ending was not typical or formulae and I felt that Elizabeth Scott did an ok job exploring Brianna and Sarah's friendship.

What I did have issues with was Sarah's constant crushing on Ryan. It bordered on pathetic and sappy. I am not a fan of sappy, but others may find it cute. I also found a certain Ryan/Sarah moments a bit unreal. So, if you are looking for a quick read with a little more substance than this book could be a good one for you, personally it is not my cup of tea

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  1. I've heard mixed things about this, but I might give it a try once it's in papaerback. Thanks for the review!


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