CAPTIVATE by Carrie Jones

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Pixies, Were's and kisses.... OH MY!!

Carrie Jones' newest installment in the Pixie saga does not fail in grabbing your attention and holding it captive. CAPTIVATE is a great read, total fun and a perfect follow-up to NEED.

CAPTIVATE continues shortly after Zara and her gang of awesome (Issie, Dylan and Nick) imprisoned her needy pixie dad and his followers out in the woods. Pixie sightings are on the rise so it is no surprise when Zara encounters a powerful pixie tied up in the woods, the shocker is the Valkyrie that is holding him captive. Yup, I said Valkyrie! If that isn't enough for Zara to process she begins to turn blue and cannot seem to keep from getting dizzy. As she saves this new pixie from certain doom the information that he now gives her causes to seek answers from the most unlikely of choices. Now Zara has the answers she seeks, but with that knowledge comes certain heartache and new fears. Will she be able to make the right choices and save the ones she loves? or will she regret her actions?

I enjoyed CAPTIVATE for being pure entertainment and holding me within it's pages. I always enjoy Nick and Zara's interactions and was more than happy with how things progressed with Issie and Dylan. The only gripe I have is that I believe the story took a bit to get going. I was more than eager to get the ball rolling and once it did, I was more than satisfied. I am eager to see how Zara's choices comes into play in the next book of which I am sure to read.

So, if you have read NEED than you must read CAPTIVATE and continue the adventure, and if you haven't started on this series then you need to :)

Top Ten Things To Remember When Dealing With Pixies
Think pixies are like Tinkerbell? You think wrong.

1.Pixies do not hang out with Peter Pan.
2.Pixies do not sleep in glass jars.
3.Similarly, they do not carry magic wands.
4.They hate iron and steel.
5.They will call your name and try to get you lost in the woods.
6.They are great fighters, using claws and teeth.
7.They can look like humans. They are not human.
8.Some may go to your school or work with you. We have no idea.
9.They have needs.
10.Never let one kiss you. Ever.


  1. I really enjoyed Need so I definitely need to get my hands on this. Great review, Nancy!

  2. Great review, I really want to read this series! I have both Need and Captivate but have yet to pick either of them up...I need to! :)


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