REVIEW: WISH by Alexandra Bullen

WISH by Alexandra Bullen

Age Range: 14 and up
Pub. Date: January 2010


If you could have anything. What would you wish for?

A question that introverted Olivia Laren would not have known how to answer, until her vivacious twin sister Violet, tragically dies during the summer. Then, the only thing that Oliva could ever wish for is to have her sister Violet back.

As fate would have it Olivia and her family relocate to San Francisco to begin anew. Yet, Olivia whom is too steeped in sorrow cannot seem to move forward. To her dismay, Olivia must attend a work party for her mother but she doesn't have a thing to wear. She did not have the shopping gene or much fashion sense, that was always Violet's gift. At this revelation Olivia finds a dress that belonged to Violet but it needs repair. Desperate, Olivia goes in seek of a seemstress and what she finds is a bit of magic.

Before you know it, Olivia and her sister are together again, brought together by a magical dress. Olivia is overjoyed and understands the rules that govern her upcoming wishes for she will have two dresses coming her way. As Olivia's life has renewed vigor with new friends and a possible romance, she notes with much sadness that Violet begins to pull away much like her parents already are. Then Olivia says something that she cannot take back and with that realization and heartache she understands that she can no longer wait for her life to change. She has to make the change and live her life to it's fullest potential and with that she and her family can step forth and thrive again.

Alexandra Bullen has created a novel that causes one to truly think on what we would wish for if we could have our wishes granted. What ensues is the fairy tale of a timid girl whom proves that she is not afraid to come out of her shell and embrace life. WISH is a book that will touch your heart. A great story for any age.

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  1. This book sounds so cool. Thanks for reviewing.

  2. Great review, this sounds like a great read. Would you say it's a good book for 6-8th grade or more of a high school age story? Just curious! =)

  3. The book is recommended for ages 14(9th grade) on up, but I would let my goddaughter read it and she is in the 7th grade.

  4. I'm really looking forward to reading this one. The cover is gorgeous!


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