HEIST SOCIETY by Ally Carter
  • Age Range: Young Adult
  • Pub. Date: February 09, 2010
  • 304pp

    Katrina Bishop is fifteen and a student at one of the most prestigious boarding schools in the country, a fact that any father would proud of.....Unless you are Bobby Bishop; a master con artist and thief.

    Katrina had decided to retire from the family business and go to school and live a "normal" life. Yet, before she could recieve grades Katrina is thrust back into the life she tried so hard to escape. Hale, her former partner in crime comes back into her life and informs her that an impossible crime has been committed. A heist that only a master thief could accomplish and Katrina's father is at the top of that list, in fact he is the list. Why should this concern her? Maybe I failed to mention that the person that was robbed is a powerful mobster and he wants stolen property back, like yesterday.

    Katrina knows that she is faced with only one option. Find the stolen goods and clear her father's name, no matter what. Never mind the fact that it is mission impossible and she only has a handful of teen cons to assist her. Katrina is soon traveling all over the world and making some very unusual friends as she proves that she has the family genes to pull off her biggest heist yet.

    With HEIST SOCIETY, Ally Carter has created an adventure that is well paced and packed full of twists and turns that will take you all across the world while never having to leave your seat. A great cross between the Italian Job and Gossip Girl while bringing to light the unfortunate Nazi plundering of family treasures during the second World War. A wicked good read that will have you guessing until the very last page.

    I can only hope that there will be more of Kat and her amazing crew in the future.


    1. This book sounds so very good and I can't wait to read it. Thanks for the review. :D


    2. Looks like a great book.. Premise is very intriguing ..

    3. Ooh! I love books with which you get to travel the world. YAY!

    4. I really love the sound of this. Great review, Nancy!

    5. This is one of my favorite recent covers, and the book looks like a ton of fun. Glad you enjoyed it!

    6. i can't wait to get my hands on this one, it looks clever and cute, and i just love that cover!

    7. I can't wait to read this book- it's in my TBR pile and may be bumped up to next book!! Great review!


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