REVIEW: DARKLIGHT by Lesley Livingston

DARKLIGHT by Lesley Livingston

Age Range: Young Adult
Pub. Harper Teen Date: December 2009


MILDLY SPOILERIFIC if you have not read Wondrous Strange. So proceed with caution

I read DARKLIGHT by Lesley Livingston and am certain that it is one of my most favorite books, EVER! Seriously, I cannot begin to give this book enough praise and feel that I could not do it justice, but I will try. Like the feeling you get when you listen to that perfect song, when the melody and lyrics combined make you smile for days, yes it is that good.

Lesley Livingston has crafted a gorgeously seductive novel, rich with faerie magick, breathtaking romance and some of the most vividly engaging characters you will ever behold in print.

DARKLIGHT, the continuation novel to WONDROUS STRANGE is centered on Kelly Winslow, a girl living her dream of performing on the stage in NYC. Not to forget that she comes from faery royalty(whom both parents she despises), that her love is in another dimension finishing off the marauders of the wild hunt, and now she is being hunted by someone with a major grudge. As if that isn't enough a startling secret is revealed, something that can change all their lives forever.

I am completely enthralled with this series because it is literary magic. The words that flow from it's pages will grab you and hold you hostage and once you begin this adventure you will never want it to end. An amazing read for all ages, a true gem filled with romance, danger and excellent story telling and now I cannot wait for the conclusion to this series. The only thing I regret is that it is almost over, but that only means that I get to read them all over again.

I had the added bonus of listening to it (which is also read by Lesley Livingston) and she did such an amazing job. That is why I got to this book at this point instead of last month. I enjoyed listening to WONDROUS STRANGE so much that I had to wait and listen to the audio version of DARKLIGHT. If your a fan of audio books then this is the one to attain for Lesley's perfect pitch, timing and brogue's are music to your ears.

So, if you have not read this series I have some good news. You can NOW read the entire first novel WONDROUS STRANGE online for free, yes free. Click HERE

and enjoy!!


  1. I've got this book in my TBR pile. It's up next!

    I didn't know that Lesley Livingston read the audiobook. Well, she's an actress as well as a writer, so I'm guessing that it would be pretty good!

  2. Lesley was very charming at a recent talk i saw her at (she's a fellow Torontoian), and was the reason why I ended up picking up her books to read. What a wonderful surprise they were! So rich and filled with content I didn't feel I had read a hundred times before!
    That's why this month I'm running a contest, giving a way a signed copy of either Wondrous Strange or Darklight, personalized to the the winner! So if your interested please come on over to my blog at, I'm celebrating Canadian Authors for the month of May so you can see my Wondrous Stange and Darklight reviews here:
    I've linked to your lovely reviews there as well.


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