REVIEW: THE SECRET YEAR by Jennifer R. Hubbard

THE SECRET YEAR by Jennifer R. Hubbard

  • Age Range: Young Adult
  • Pub. Date: January 07, 2010

    ISBN-13: 9780670011537



    A year unlike any other in Colt's existence. This Secret year that he had spent with Julia. Messages placed in lockers, meetings at the bridge, stolen kisses that would soon lead to the backseat of a car. Moments of life filled with passion that would cool in the warmth of the sun, because Colt and Julia were NOT a couple. She already had a boyfriend

    Colt could not define what he had with Julia. He only knew that he wanted to be with her and she with him. And It was enough for Colt, until repeated broken promises and hurtful words spilled forth to sting his soul. Colt wondered if he and Julia would ever be a couple to the world, if she truly wanted him or if she was just playing with a boy from the flats. Questions that would forever remain unanswered when Julia dies in a tragic car accident days later.

    As Colt tries to remain indifferent to the news of Julia's death he is silently mourning her, unable to confide in anyone. The pain of what he is enduring is unbearable but he already knew how to keep a secret. Until, one day when Julia's brother approaches him with a stunning revelation; Julia's diary of their secret year. Yet instead of devouring all her words at once Colt decides to read it entry by precious entry. Savouring the words that flowed out from her while trying to move on.

    Relying on the diary to help make sense of everything Colt forges on with teen life trying hard to forget the girl that was never his, but secrets never stay that way for long...

    Bravo to Jennifer R Hubbard for creating a novel that I CANNOT stop thinking about days after reading it. I am a true fan of the male protagonist point of view and Colt's voice was true and clear to me. I got a good sense of who he was and his desire to comprehend what his relationship with Julia meant and why he needed to know. He harboured guilt about her death and believed he could find his peace in her diary. I understood his pain and the fact that he could not easily get Julia out of his mind. That realistic approach was refreshing, because the heart is slow to learn.

    The supporting cast of characters are well fleshed out giving this story depth and Colt's dysfunctional family added a bit of color to the pages. I adored his brother who seemed to be the voice of reason during the times when Colt needed it most.

    The Secret Year is an amazing book dealing with love, loss, pain and the truth that can set you free. A must read for 2010 and once you read it you will want everyone you know to read it so that you can all talk about it. Yes, it is that good.


    1. You have all of the awesome books. I can not wait to read this one either.

    2. Great Review! I see that you are reading Sisters Red-OMG!

    3. I'm so excited to read this and reading your review has made it even worse! Great review!

    4. Now I HAVE to read this book! *saving up my pennies* :D

    5. Amazing thoughts! I'm excited that someone else is as passionate about how amazing this book is as I am! Way to go!

    6. It sounds heartbreaking yet so good! I hope I get to read this. :)

    7. Wow, sounds so moving and fantastic... and I love YA from a male perspective! It's just so different, and it sounds like it's done well here. I'll definitely look for this novel!


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