REVIEW: GONE by Lisa McMann

GONE by Lisa Mcmann
February 9, 2010
Reading level: Young Adult
Hardcover: 224 pages
Publisher: Simon Pulse (February 9, 2010)
ISBN-10: 1416979182
ISBN-13: 978-1416979180

REVIEW YYY out of 5

This third and final installment of Lisa McMann's Dream Catcher trilogy begins shortly after WAKE ended were we learn about Janie's disheartening future.

Gone begins with Janie and Cabel on vacation trying to enjoy a few days of peace and relaxation due to the stressful trial of which Janie was the main witness. Now she is known around town as a narc. As if possessing a crippling gift and having an alcoholic mother is not enough to deal with already.

Janie continues to struggle with her relationship with Cabel and their future together, or rather their future apart. Yet, before she can devote more time to the saddening subject a stranger comes into her life that she is not prepared for; an individual that turns her world inside out with the information that they possess. Janie learns of an alternative choice to her existence and with that the decision that would change her life forever.

Can Janie make a choice when both options are hopeless and filled with despair? She will need to make a decision soon for her time is running out...

I have to say that this series by Lisa McMann was one of my favorites and I could not wait until this last installment, but I was left disappointed. I disliked the numerous times that Janie kept insinuating that she wanted to be with Cabel yet every time they were together all she kept thinking about was leaving him and how that would hurt. I understood her character's reasoning but it became a bit over repetitive for me.

Then as the results of her contemplated isolation come to light she was faced with a "Mortan's Fork" decision. While I could appreciate the storyline twist I found it to be sad and anticlimactic unlike it's predecessors. This story is quite bleak, even as Janie makes what is considered the "better" choice.

Despite my upset I can say that I admire Lisa's writing style, it is quick and edgy, to the point and effective with deliverance i.e. Janie's inner turmoil. I only wish that that I did not finish reading this book feeling as crestfallen as i did and wanting more.


  1. Eeeek, I'm sad when final books in a series aren't as good as the previous! :(

  2. I'm not a huge fan of the series but the last book made me really want to know what would happen to Janie. I don't like how the Janie/Cabel seems to be. I'm looking forward to seeing how it ends though.

  3. I loved Wake so passionately I was so excited to read Fade and it was a subtle let down I can only imagine how Gone is going to be. I doubt I will even read it. I like HEA series.

  4. Great review! I read this and really enjoyed it, just like the previous two. It is pretty bleak but I liked it; for me, it still felt like the tone of the previous books.

  5. I felt pretty much the same way. I know the ending makes sense for the series, but DAMN it's depressing...


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