FIRESPELL: A novel of the DARK ELITE by Chloe Neill

Reading level: Young Adult
Paperback: 256 pages

Publisher: Signet (January 5, 2010)

January 5, 2010

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New Girl.
New School.
Old Evil.

A new series about a boarding school filled with something worse than homework.

Review: YYYY

Lily Parker is a new student at St. Sophia's; a prestigious boarding school located in the heart of Chicago, this was so not the place that Lily envisioned her Junior year to begin. For not only is she in a different city and academic regimen but she also has to cope with being far away from her parents, whom had to relocate to Germany for work purposes. The only thing that brings her comfort is her new friendship with her roommate Scout.

Scout fills Lily in on the day to day life at St. Sophia's, whom to avoid and why it is essential to get to the cafeteria early. It does not take long before Scout's cryptic phone messages and late night activities pique Lily's interest and her inner "Nancy Drew" gets the best of her. After a frightening incident Scout assures Lily that it is in her best interest to trust her and not ask questions, which is the status quo until a school prank places Lily in the middle of an underground war that nearly kills her.

Scout finally comes clean to Lily about her involvement in a splinter cell group of young gifted individuals named Adepts whom are hell bent on saving non gifted humans from Reapers. Although it all seems impossible Lily knows that her friend is telling the truth and wants to help, but the varsity members of Scout's group want nothing to do with a ordinary girl like Lily or is she? Read this amazing story and you will find out :)

Chloe Neill has crafted an original story that will cast you under it's spell and entrance you as you go along for the ride. I was captivated with this fast paced story from the very beginning and could not seem to put it down. I thoroughly enjoyed it's characters as well as the concept of Adepts and Reapers and felt that their introduction was well explained and interesting.

Firespell is wonderful debut novel into a new YA series that should be on your shelves. If you crave a story full of intrigue, mystery,magic and a bit of romance then this is your book. Be sure to come back at the end of this month for an author interview :)


  1. This sounds really good and I absolutely love the cover.

  2. I spot-lighted this during a Waiting on Wed. I can NOT wait till this one comes out, it looks like an amazing book - and now your review has me wanting it even more :)

  3. I can't wait to read this. I love Chloe's adult series too.

  4. You have added to my anticipation for this book.

  5. I just love that this is about a boarding school. The Adepts sound scary. I can't wait to read this even more now!

  6. EEE!! i can't wait 2 read this one! it should be coming in the mail sometime this week! sqee!!


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