A great cause for a book angel

A beautiful story has touched my heart and I am already boxing up my books to send to this great cause. Michelle the book Angel is building a library for underprivileged children and your help would be greatly appreciated. This story has been appeared on Kami Garcia's blog and a contest is being hosted by several authors and The Story Siren and Reverie Media in regards to this great cause.

If you want to help out, here's how...
Donate some books... at least 3-5 books would be fantastic!
Send them to Michelle (address at the end of the post)
Send the books by the January 1, 2010 deadline

Add a little note, with your books sent. Include: your name, address, email, and blog if you have one.

The books are for children ranging in ages from 1 to 18. They do not have to be brand new, gently used books are welcome.
You can send the books to Michelle at the following address

Michelle Wright
1687 Queen Ann Dr.
Roanoke, Virginia 24014


  1. This sounds great thanks for sharing

  2. The timing on your blog is perfect. I'm clearing room on my bookshelves to make way for my 2010 purchases.

    Thanks so much for the post and the address.


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