REVIEW: The Naughty List by Suzanne Young

THE NAUGHTY LIST by Suzanne Young

Reading level: Young Adult
Paperback: 272 pages
Publisher: Razorbill (February 4, 2010)
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The Naughty List. Is your boyfriend on it?


Oh Great strawberry-smoothie and whipped cream!! Have I got a read for you that will give you a pique your inner 007 and keep you sweetly entertained.

The Naughty List stars Tessa, captain of the cheer leading squad while also being in charge of the S.O.S. (Society of Smitten Kittens), a local spy squad dedicated to finding out if your boyfriend is unfaithful. What began as curiosity soon became a full scaled espionage mission on boyfriends all around school. The S.O.S. has a long list of Naughty boys and after two years it began to take it's toll on Tessa for not only was it taking precious time away from her boyfriend Aiden, but each mission proved every single suspect GUILTY!! A fact that weighed down Tessa's normally perky attitude.

As Tessa continues to struggle with her conscience of having to keep lying to her boyfriend about her part time spy gig a pair of new transfer students but a little extra sour into her life. Soon Tessa finds her self riddled with jealousy and having to fend off the advances from someone other than her beloved Aiden. GOOD GRAVY!! could life get any more complicated?

When the unthinkable happens Tessa soon learns that keeping secrets will eventually catch up with her and that she should always trust her instincts.

With The Naughty List, Suzanne Young has crafted a unique story with a sexy edge that will have you ignoring everything else until you finish it. It is cute with quirky non-swearing verbiage that puts a sweet smile on your face and makes you think of a whole new word slang. I was totally entertained while accompanying the S.O.S. on their missions, nail biting it all the way and cannot wait for the next installment in this strawberry-smoothie sweet series. SCORE!!


  1. This sounds fantastic! So cute and I love the sayings!

  2. I felt the same! :D Me also gave 4 stars ...err Ys! x)

  3. This sounds amazing! I can't wait to read it! x)

  4. This sounds really good!

  5. Great review, the book sounds really good. I've been sceptacle about adding it to my debut challenge list, but now I know i will!!!

  6. You're totally right on the "ignoring everything else" bit! I read this during the summer while at work and I had to tear myself away from it to actually continue working, lol. Great review!


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