Happy Halloween!! P.C. and Kristin Cast book signing

BITE THIS!!Last night I had a blast with my good friends as we attended the book signing for P.C. and Kristin Cast. I have to say it was great to meet those two authors. They are very entertaining in person and generous with prizes. (Thanks for the necklace). I attended the event with my favortie peeps so a shout out goes to Sarah, Amanda, Tricia, Cinnamon and Anna for all dressing up and getting in the spirit of things. We may be older but we know how to have fun. A fact that I did not think would ever be an issue, but that subject is for another post.

So here are my favorite pictures for the night. I hope you enjoy
The fabulous Heidi Kling, author of the future release SEA due out on my birthday. June 10, 2009.
Amanda and Sarah dressed for the ocassion. Amanda is a Fallen Angel/cigarette girl, wings included. Sarah is a pinup blood selling girl and she actually had bags of blood candy..too cute.
Alicia from Shooting Stars Mag and P.C. and Kristin. Check out Alicia's neck she won a contest for best make-up. Go! Alicia.
me and my gang of good friends.
In case you did not figure out what I was....Disco Zombie.
Kristin keeping it real.
P.C. giving us the low down and top questions asked
Cinnamon and her daughter Anna.
Sarah and her tray of goodies. O positive anyone?
Anna my godchild, as stevie rae.


  1. Looks like fun. You need to post a pic of your necklace.

  2. Looks like such fun, wish I had been there...
    Girl I dig your fro!~

  3. Geeze tell Anna great job, love love the red tats.

  4. Thanks for posting these!
    You looked terrific. =)

  5. Wow! Sounds like it was a fun event! Thanks for posting the pictures. I had wanted to go to an event they had in Long Island this past week but was unable to make it. Now I wish I did based off these pictures. Great hair by the way :)


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