Meeting Richelle Mead and Lili St. Crow :)

Last Thursday my friends and I headed to BOOKS INC. to visit with Richelle Mead and Lili St. Crow. We had a blast and I got to meet Alicia, a fellow blogger and we are soo gonna meet up for other events. I cannot wait.
OK!! can you tell how excited I was to see Richelle and Lili? I had a blast with my friends and I got to meet Alica, a fellow blogger. Alicia was a total sweetheart for bringing me a Sprinkles cupcake that rocked. Thank you!! Look at that crowd!! It was awesome!!

Rock, Paper, Scissors!!! Guess who won?
My new blogging buddy Alicia. Thank you so much for the cupcake. It made my night
Cute picture with my friend Sarah and the lovey Richelle and Lili
My friend Amanda wanted to let you know how much she loved her Jamba Juice.

I hope you enjoy my pictures as much as I had fun being there. Good Times with great authors, friends and books. It's a sure thing :)


  1. Looks like you had "too" much fun ;o)
    Wow Richelle looks great. Great turn out

  2. I was there and I didn't know you were too!! It was a big crowd huh? It was the first signing my friends and I went to and we had a blast! We were so glad we got there early though for the chairs :)

  3. Hey Geoff and McCaulie! Are you going to the event next week, or the one with Kristin Cashore? Let me know so that I can say "hello"

  4. can't believe I couldn't go! Great turnout

  5. I got to see Richelle at her event here in Naperville. We had a big crowd, too!


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