Waiting on Wednesday: Angel in Vegas: The Chronicles of Noah Sark

Angel in Vegas: The Chronicles of Noah Sark
by Norma Howe
Reading level: Young Adult
Hardcover: 256 pages
Publisher: Candlewick (November 10, 2009)

Who is Noah Sark, really? And what is he doing in the men’s room at Angelo’s Donut Shop in Las Vegas, Nevada? No use asking him; he doesn’t know. But he’s gambling that an assignment from above will shed some light — after all, a life depends on it! Only master satirist Norma Howe could craft a provocative meditation on free will from blending one (or maybe two) budding teen romances, a psychic fair, a dead frog, a headful of blond curls, and Las Vegas in all its glitz and kitsch (hello, Elvis!) with the dramatic backstory of Princess Diana in Paris. The jackpot? A wild and witty portrait of an unlikely guardian angel on a desperate mission to save a certain unknown girl from a certain unknown disaster.

Why do I want to read this?
1) I love Angels
2) I love Vegas
3) Elvis!!!
It all sounds too cute!! and I gotta check it out

What is your WoW?


  1. It DOES look good. I have a certain love for Candlewick Press books. :)

  2. This sounds soooo crazy! I totally want to read it too!

  3. The random kookyness of this book sounds like a YA version of Christopher Moore -- and I'm definitely interested!


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