Give-a-way and INTERVIEW: Allison Burnett of Undiscovered Gyrl

Today I am interviewing Allison Burnett, author of Undiscovered Gyrl. A novel about a girl on a destructive path of self discovery.

Undiscovered Gyrl will be in stores August 11, 2009


RR: Hello Allison and thank you for visiting the Ravenous Reader's blog

AB: My pleasure, Nancy. Thank you for having me.

RR: Undiscovered Gyrl is different from any other book that I have recently read. Dark and brutally honest, infused with brilliant dialogue. There were times I wanted to hug Katie, and other times I wanted to shake her and ask why? She was very much in touch with her baser sides. We can all seem to relate to her in some way. What research did you have to do for this novel? Did you have one person in mind or did your pull from many sources?

AB: I did not do any research. I am not sure exactly where Katie come from
. As is true with every character I write, I heard her voice and began to type. She was not modeled after anyone in particular, although certain details of her life are similar to those of an old friend of mine, whose name and fate I would rather not discuss. I tutored high school kids for years, so perhaps that had something to with her creation, too. I have always been drawn to female characters....

RR: It seems as if you really enjoyed writing about Katie and her adventures, you can see that great care was given to this character. Is there anything you would want to change in Undiscovered Gyrl?

AB: Yes, writing Katie was a joy. I miss her. As far as regrets, or things I would change, I wish that Katie had explained why she spells gyrl with “y.” Is it a feminist statement of some sort? Some profound subversion? No, it’s because when she was choosing the domain name for her website, undiscovered girl with an “i” was already taken. The reason I would not change anything else the book is that I went over the manuscript many, many times. The last time was just a few months ago, so I have not had time to regret anything. But I doubt I will. I tend to look forward....

RR: It was a bit scary to see the destructive path that Katie was on and at times I did not think she would ever pull through, but just as she was beginning to turn her life around....something happens and no closure is given. Why did you decide on going down that road?

AB: I don’t “decide” things like these. At least I don’t experience that I do. I experience that Katie’s fate is the result of her choices and that it was the only honest (and, thankfully, the most compelling) end to her tale. Some readers need their books to end conclusively, with a coffin nail. I am one of them. I love ambiguity, as long as it is resonant.

RR: What is the next project that you are working on?

AB: I just finished a novel called The Escape of Malcolm, which I am thrilled about. I also wrote the remake of Fame which opens on September 25 nationwide.

RR: Thank you for stopping by and visiting with me on my blog. I hope to see you again someday :)

AB: Anytime, Nancy.

Great interview, right? So, I have my copy of Undiscovered Girl and want to share the love with someone who really wants to read the book :)
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  1. I would really like to be enter into this. The book sounds really amazing and the interview with the author was also really good. I love the way that he talked about the book. I would really love to read this and see what destructive path you are talking about.

    I am already a follower.


  2. I am already a follower!

    I wanna read this book because it seems relatable and realistic...It sounds as if Katie is a real person (this is something that is pretty difficult to achieve).


  3. I follow you!
    I'd love to read this book because the title and summary blew me away:)

  4. I'm a follower! :) And it sounds like a good book! I really want to read another book from a male author!

    P.S. Can you stop by my blog for its bash? I already have four contests up but with so little entries! Please check it out!

  5. I am a follower.

    I want to read this book because I think the plot is really unique. Also, reading this interview and watching the video I'm really drawn to it.

    ~Lizzie =]

  6. This is such a good contest!
    I am already a follower!
    I want to read this book because sounds really good and the plot seems very interesting. Im even more interested after reading the review and watching the video!


  7. I would love to be entered into the contest. I want to see if Katie is going down the same path that I took or the even more destructive path I could have taken. She sounds relatable and I like that. Great interview, too.

    mycreativeimagination [at]yahoo

  8. I'd really like to read this book. Sounds fascinating and the author seems to have spent a lot of time with it in the editing process.

    Wonderful interview. I follow.

    please enter me
    savvyverseandwit AT gmail DOT com

  9. I want to read this because from the description it sounds amazing. I'm also a follower.


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