Mini-Interview with Sam and Grace from SHIVER

I am here today with the immensely talented and generously kind author Maggie Stiefvater. (insert applause here) Maggie has given me the honor of granting me an interview with Sam and Grace from her upcoming novel SHIVER, due out August 1st (or right now if you check out the book stores)

In case you don't know what SHIVER is about I will give you the 411.
Shiver is a love story about a Girl (Grace) who falls in love with a yellow-eyed wolf that saved her life. Sam is a werewolf that lives two separate lives: In the winter he is wolf living with his pack all the while pining for a fearless girl. Then in the all too brief months of summer he is human, until the cold makes him shift again.

Now, Grace meets a yellow-eyed boy whose familiarity takes her breath away. It's her wolf. It has to be. But as winter nears, Sam must fight to stay human—or risk losing himself, and Grace, forever.

Ahhhhhh!!! how can you resist a story as beautiful as that? I know I couldn't and that is we why we are here today. It has a been a great summer with some beautifully warm days. Perfect for a journey to my favorite coffee/bookshop for an iced latte. This place also makes the best milk chocolate truffles filled with deliciously creamy passionfruit flavored caramel. Pure Bliss. Pefect for an interview.

The time and date are set and I arrive early so that I can get to my favorite spot towards the back of the shop. The sofa is worn in places but comfortably familiar and soon the aromas overwhelm my senses. My mouth waters and I barely have a chance to register all the smells when the door opens and a beautiful couple slowly entire the shop. I look up in breathless anticipation and soon am rewarded by a pair of yellow eyes meeting mine. I wave them over and soon we are all facing each other.
Introductions are made and soon we are seated. A waitress comes by and a carafe of coffee is ordered along with some truffles. YUMMY!! I am set
RR Hello Sam. Hello Grace. How are you both doing today?
Grace: Fine, thanks. I'm always fine.
Sam: Spoilery.
RR I hope you both don't think I am crazy for wanting to interview you both, but I enjoyed your love story so much that I had to talk to you both and get a better understanding. How do you both feel about your story being out there for the world to read?
Sam: I never thought of our story as particularly epic. It's weird to think of people being interested in our struggles. It seems like such a personal thing, just the little details of our life together. And then -- winter.
Grace: It makes me wish I was more romantic. If people are reading about our love story, Sam is going to get all the good lines.
RR I feel that Maggie did a wonderful job at conveying your story it was poetic and heart squeezingly beautiful. Was there anything that she did not put into the novel that either of you want to tell me about now?
Sam: Cooking. A lot of cooking went on off-screen.
Grace: Oh, that's true. There's not really places to eat out at Mercy Falls. Plus, if you're dating a boy that turns into a wolf when the temperature drops, it makes traditional dates a bit difficult to plan.
Sam: I don't like eating out anyway.
Grace: Sam's a picky eater. It's kind of cute.
Sam: Grace is not. That's also cute.
RR Summer is ticking away. How does that make you both feel?

Sam: Do we need to talk about this?
Grace: We're finding a cure. We have time still.
Sam: Grace . . .
Grace: Sam doesn't think there's a cure, otherwise the others would've found it by now.
Sam: . . .
Grace: But that was before me. I was bitten, and I don't become a wolf. That has to be important. There has to be a way.
RR Have you made any plans for the future?
Grace: Math. I think I'm going to college for math. And Sam is going to go for his poetry thing.
Sam: I would rather think about the present. Right now. I mean, I'm not saying that Grace won't find a cure -- I don't think Grace ever fails at anything she really wants -- but if she doesn't, I want to make the most of what we have.
Grace: I told you . . .
Sam: I know. Grace, if I didn't have to change, if there weren't the wolves -- you know I'd be answering this question with words like "forever."
RR Grace, I have to ask, even though I think know the answer. EDWARD OR JACOB?
Sam: *snorts*
Grace: Sam, shut up. Stop laughing.
Sam: I'm not laughing. This is not me laughing. I'm just curious. Yes, Grace, who would you trade the boy who turns into a wolf for? The boy who just might kill you by accident when he's not drinking blood or the boy who also TURNS INTO A WOLF?
Grace: When you put it that way, I feel quite lucky. At least you're really human when you're human. Can I pass on this question? I mean, do I have to pick one?
Sam: Yes. Because I want to know.
Grace: Which is the one with a pulse?
RR Sam what is your favorite summer read and why?

Sam: I'm reading poetry by Mandelstam at the moment. He's quite brilliant. I don't like his poetry as well as Rilke, but it's got its moments.
Grace: I think she meant as in current summer reads.
Sam: Oh. Um. THE MAGICIANS. Is that current enough? I've just started it. It's weird and interesting and derivative.
Grace: I couldn't finish it. It wasn't very . . . logical.
Sam: Grace is not that book's intended audience. Pay no attention to her.
RR Maggie is writing another book named LINGER, what can we expect from that novel?
Grace: Um.
Sam: Spoilery, like I said.
Grace: Well, I can say a little, right? Isabel's in it. She's got a big part. And me and the wolves. . . I . . . no, I can't say anything about that. It's too --
Sam: I hate to think about you like that.
Grace: It'll be okay. I think. I hope.
As Sam begins to talk the waitress comes by with our order. Yeay!! Coffee, sweet nectar of the gods. The Carafe is set down with 3 mugs and all the fixings. Then she returns with a small tray with an assortment of truffles. We all smile, the coffee comes up to ensare us in its aroma.
RR Who wants coffee? and chocolate?

Sam: I have possibly lost my appetite.
Grace: I'm always up for coffee. Eat something, Sam. LINGER doesn't come out until next fall. That's a long time.
Sam: Thanks for the chocolates, Nancy. This place is nice.
Grace: We'll have to come back here in FOREVER.

RR Ahhhhh!!! Young impossible love. I hope that it can survive the cold.
THANK YOU MAGGIE!! for letting Sam and Grace visit. I will treasure it always :)


  1. Very nice interview. snerk.. Edward or Jacob you had to go there.. LOL :O)
    Shiver is in my TBR pile. Thanks Maggie, Sam, Grace and Nancy!

  2. Great interview! It was fun seeing Grace and Sam outside of the book. Interesting that bit about Isabel. I wonder what her "big part" involves...

  3. I love this interview! Sam and Grace are awesome and I can't wait to spread the Shiver love.

  4. Haha! Spoilery! I love Sam and Grace already!

  5. Yay! Love the book, love the interview. Thanks for sharing your visit with Grace and Sam :D

  6. Great interview! I love the EDWARD OR JACOB question. LOL!

    I just read Lament last week and immediately put Maggie Stiefvater on my auto-buy author list. I can't wait to read Shiver now!

  7. Wonderful interveiw! I can't wait until Linger comes out. Sam and Grace; what a cute couple! :)

  8. This is different and really good, but I had to stop at the How do you feel about summer ending question. Read my first spoiler. I don't want to ruin it; what I read was really good.

  9. Ah, who wouldn't love that perfectly beautiful creature with those eyes like no other?

  10. I haveread all of the Twilight Saga and I am obsessed.But when I started reading Shiver I COULD NOT PUT IT DOWN! I'm sooooo excited for Linger when ever Nancy asked about Linger Sam made it sound like Grace is going to turn into a wolf.......

  11. Shiver is going to be made into a movie... Maggie made the official announcement TODAY! YAY!

  12. Great interview I love Maggie and her books. One of my favorites!

  13. Oh, the edward v.s jacob question... lol, I like Grace's response to it!

    What a fun interview! :D

  14. Very cute interview! Wish it could have been longer, but I know Sam and Grace are very busy! I am impatiently awaiting Linger! I read the first paragraph and am now seriously going insane waiting!!! Have to agree with the Edward or Jacob comments! Way to go Grace!...Personally, I am completely team Jacob!


  15. An absoloutely beautiful book.
    I didn't put it down until it was finished.

  16. I love the interview and I wish it was longer. Oh well. :) Can't wait for Linger.

  17. hi (:
    i really liked the interview.
    it was funny, cute and different (;
    please make another one :D
    though i would have loved if it was a bit longer. (:
    The book is sooo good!! i just couldn't stop reading it! i can't wait for Linger and Forever!! :D


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