Get your GOTH on, Ghost Girl Launch Party!

The second book in the ghostgirl series, ghostgirl: Homecoming!!

I am here to tell you about an AMAZINGLY AWESOME event.

JULY 16th at 5-7pm@ Jefferson Market Library
425 Sixth Ave at 10 street
New York, NY 10011

Tonya Hurley is going to be reading from her newest book...
She's bringing along Vince Clarke from Depeche Mode, Yaz, & Erasure...
He's going to play music from the book's soundtrack....
They are going to sign autographs...
And give-away ghostgirl merch like tote bags and t-shirts...
And there is going to be a GIGANTIC 3-D ghostgirl cake made by Food Network's ACE OF CAKES!

Of course this event is free of charge- just bring your lovely, darling selves!

Please spread the word on your blogs and tweet this! I will be forever thankful and you will receive good karma for all your days to come. And guessss what??? I am going...yes I am coming all the way from California and I would love to meet some peeps in blogland. Let me know if your coming :)


  1. SQUEEEEEEEEEEE!!! home girl we have to hook up

  2. Definitely! Maybe we can stop by Strand before? You can walk to the library from there. I will dm you my cell #.

  3. True Awesomeness!!! I am not worthy!!!!

  4. You got blog awards from me:


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