COVER NEWS: TEMPTED House of Night Series

Oh, and FYI - the two guys represented on the cover are: 1)Stark - she's in his arms, and 2) Heath - is in shadow behind them.


  1. so it is stark? wow cause at first i thought it was erik. then for in the background i thought it was kalona cause supposedly he is supposed to come back.
    so huh, well all will probably be revealed when it comes out!!

  2. i don't know i think that Shark is in the back and she's holding Heath or it could be Erik i'm sure can't wait for the book to come out

  3. 1) Stark is the one that is holdong Zoey.
    2) Heath is the one in the background.
    3) His name is Stark, not Shark. =/
    4) I cant wait for the books to finally come out!!! the are supposed to b 12 books!!!!(hee hee)

  4. Can't wait fr the next book to come out!!! That is going to be worth reading! and u noe wht i also thought that it was Erik holding her and Kalona in the back!!! I am so shit excited!!


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