Winner Winner Chicken Dinner!!! Prada and Prejudice

Ok! I admit it. I have been very neglectful of my blog, slap me and call me Shirley. I went on vacation and had a bad internet connection so I did not get a chance to post my winners for my Prada and Prejudice contest. I had 37 entries and put them all in the random generator and got this

So the lucky winner is number 17 and that is Mya from Dissecting Perfection Blog. Since I used the random generator maybe it had a feeling for her shoe stories and picked her entry, I know that I when I read it that I had an OH NO! moment.

The winning entry, lucky number 17
Incident # 1 - Spring FormalI wore these to my spring formal, and the band started playing this really awesome jazz number, so we all dancing with greater fervor. Resulting in my slicing my leg open with my own beloved heel. Was rushed to emergency room and got stitches - the scar's still there.
Incident # 2 - My Best Friend's WeddingOf course, I had to wear them to my friend's wedding. It went so well with my black and white bridesmaids' dress! However, in the middle of the ceremony, my friend (another bridesmaid) noticed that my heel was a little crooked. So she tried subtly kicking it back into place. I didn't see it coming - so her kicks landed me straight onto the officiator. Right in the middle of "Speak now or forever hold your peace". My friend joked about it at the reception: "Gosh, I didn't know you felt that way about me."
Incident # 3 - The BreakdownSo after all that, I still wore this to another important event - my grandmother's 90th. It was one of those really fancy hotel/restaurants that frown upon you if you're not wearing a jacket (for men) or a dress (for women). So I went wearing my snazzy new black cocktail dress. And the now-dreaded heels. I'll skip right to the bad part - got the bottom of the heel got stuck in the table cloth, and about half of the table got upended on the floor. I also broke the shoe and had to limp all the way back to my car (in shame) with the straps held between my toes.Did I learn anything from all this? Nope. I took the shoes to a cobbler the next day and had them fixed back to new. I'll wear them again, too =P

I also mentioned that I would give some prizes to those that entered and did not win, but whose stories got my attention. Here are the honorable mentions

Rebecca from Rebecca's book blog
A few years ago I bought the cutest pair of canvas sneakers with this adorable print. I decided to wear them for the first time to the amusement park. About 30 minutes in I realized they caused blisters. Youch! I spent the rest of the day there basically limping around. They went to Goodwill the next day and I feel sorry for whoever got them. They were so cute though! Sigh.

Katie from Katie's book blog
My most outrageous shoe story is from when I was very little. I was shopping with my mom and grandma and I really wanted a pair of jelly shoes. They were very popular with little kids back in the early nineties and I just wanted a pair so I could be cool like everyone else. My mom refused to get them so I threw a huge tantrum. My mom actually made me leave the store with my grandma so she could pay for her stuff. When she came out to the car she showed me my new shoes. She had given in and bought them for me. As it turned out, they were the most uncomfortable shoes ever but I had to wear them because my mom had bought them for me. It was horrible

Thank you to all that entered :) I have a great contest coming up soon and it has a bit a twist to it so stayed tuned :)

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