Question: Where did you hear about that book?

Where did you hear about that book?

"This is the question publishing folks and authors are all desperate to know. It might as well be re-phrased as, "Damn it, are any of our marketing efforts working at ALL???"

This was a quote from one of the posts today that was in the Friends section on The Tenners blog. It was posted by Phoebe Kitanidis author of (Whisper April 14, 2010). She had a link directing you to where the question was originally posted HERE.

Phoebe noted that a huge percentage of that blog's readership mentioned picking up recommendations from Twitter and blogs... which makes sense given they are people who read a publishing industry blog. A not-so-random group.

So, I thought I'd ask the question on my own blog, create a poll and see where this discussion takes us.
I found out about the book I am reading My Soul To Take by Rachel Vincent, via the author's website of which I follow. Then I began to see information about it on other blogs and on good reads and twitter.


  1. I'm more likely to read something that a friend has recommended because they're more likely to know ME and understand what I like. I would NEVER have picked up the Twilight series on my own, but Lisa S. gave me all four books and I completely devoured them in 36 hours. She's loaning me the Sookie Stackhouse books now, which is another series I wouldn't have read on my own. A few other books are some my son has recommended and very, very occasionally I'll buy something on Amazon because I thought it looked interesting. But for the most part, I've heard about books from people that are close to me. :D

  2. For the one I'm reading right now, Twenty Boy Summer, I probably heard about it from other bloggers or Sarah emailed me about it on Myspace. But I can't remember exactly how I heard about it. But usually, I either hear about books through other bloggers and authors. Or if I'm already following an author, I'll generally know about it through my own searching or reading of their website.

    I'm also a big fan of just browsing and finding random books that sound interesting, lol.

  3. All about word of mouth. I rely on blogs and friend recommendations. Twitter is great to discuss a book, but it all comes down to the review that is longer than 140 characters.

  4. Usually Goodreads... but I have been checking out a billion blogs lately and that's where I've been getting some nice recommendations too.

  5. For me it's the author's website, Blogs, Goodreads, and publishers. I try to stay on top of what books are coming out so I visit various sites.

  6. I've only been blogging for a couple of months now, but that's how I hear about 90% of the books I read/want to read.

    Before that, I would hear about books from work. I work at Chapters (the Barnes & Nobles of Canada), so I'd find lots of stuff that seemed interesting or that I'd want to read.

    But that wasn't an option on the poll, so I selected blog. :)

  7. I find most of my books through the blogs and goodreads. And I go to Amazon sometimes to read reviews.

  8. I used to get book ideas from a lot of places, but mainly the library...nowadays though, it's all about the blogs. I'm reading a lot and I hear about different ones this way. Sometimes it's the author's website, but usually it's first seen on a blog for me.

  9. For me, working in a bookstore, we see the lists of books that are going to be published and the reps talk about those they think will do well. Of course I also read many blogs and find so many more recommendations there

  10. Great topic! I brought it up on my blog with a link to it as well!


    I find out about them a TON on blogs. Like I don't know how the first people find them, but I always hear about them on twitter or blogs.


    ReaderGirl Reveiws

  11. Thanks for reposting this! It's great to get more insight on the topic. :)

  12. I have had so many great recommendations from YOU! You were the one that urged me to read Twilight, and that opened the door to lots of other great YA books. My TBR list is very long, just from looking into your favorite authors.

    I find out about new books in all sorts of ways - friend recommendations, "If you liked" recommendations on Amazon and Paperback Swap, articles and author websites. I look to see who have won Romance awards, too.

    Just finished If I Stay, which I think I first heard about from you. Wonderful book.


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