Happy Birthday to me, and a marriage proposal

Yes!! Today is my birthday! Yeay Me!! Normally I do not make a fuss over my birthday, but today I will make an exception. WHY?? well not only is is my birthday but I got the proposal of my life yesterday. It was a day like any other day. I get up do some chores, check my emails, my blog and then I decided to go out for lunch with some loved ones. We went to one of my favorite places and as I sat down to enjoy my lunch...I was bestowed with THE proposal that I have been waiting and

YUP!!! you guessed it. I am now engaged to a taco bell packet. I am really not sure what we're are going to do for the wedding. It was suggested that I "Think outside the bun" and so my mind started racing. But whom do I invite? Ketchup and Mustard? and I cannot forget about Mayo and Relish otherwise they will never forgive me. Is it ok to invite other spicy sauces or is that considered in bad taste (or good, depending on how spicy you like it). Where should the event be held?? As you can see I need some major help, so I am going to host a contest for the person that can be the best wedding coordinator for me and my packet of HOT taco sauce goodness.

SO get your creative juices flowing and who is ready for this challenge? It is a month long celebration so the last day to enter is June 30, 2009 MIDNIGHT. The more entries the more books will be posted.
Contest Rules:
1) +5 What should I do for my wedding event and reception? creativity counts mucho mucho on this post
2) +2 Whom should I invite to this occasion? (what condiments am I missing?)
3) +3 Follow me and post it on your blog

Ok..now every point helps. I will put it in random generator for those that equal the same amount of points and then a lucky winner will be chosen.

ALSO: The most creative entry that does not win, gets a special prize.

I bet you want to find out what the prizes are...and here ya go:

You are so Undead to me by Stacey Jay (ARC)
3 Willows by Ann Brashares (ARC)
Hot Mess: Summer in the city by Julie Kraut and Shallon Lester (ARC)
Swoon by Nina Malkin (ARC)
Duplicate by Cherry Cheva (ARC)


  1. Happy Birthday! Lol, I love this! And I can't not enter this one!

    +5 Your wedding could take place at the drive thru window. The local manager of the taco bell can probably get ordained on the internet. You should definitely say your vows into the intercom, repeating them as necessary and then pull up to the window for the exchanging of rings. Invite your guests on into the TB for the reception where they can snack on mini-mexican pizza and bean burrito hor d'oeuvres and have a "sauceless" taco eating contest (wouldn't want to eat the in-laws) Now the honeymoon...well, you're on your own for that one...
    +2 You definitely have to invite sour cream and nacho cheese, these are my two fave Taco Bell condiments...I also think Fire and Mild should be invited as those are also 2 of my faves :)
    +3 I am already following and have linked this creative contest to my blog at www.royalreads.com and you are on my blogroll as well

    Congratulations & best wishes,

  2. Happy birthday! Wow, this post made me laugh!

  3. Happy Birthday!! This post is hilarious! :D

  4. Happy Birthday! LOL! How about you invite every condiment ever made....this way everyone is happy! LOL! Oh btw for your wedding and reception how about having it on the beach and the chiwawa ("el quero taco bell")can be the ring bearer. The bridesmaides can wear the colors of all your favorite condiments and the reception can be an all out FIESTA!

  5. +5 So clearly your wedding MUST be held in the parking lot of your local Taco Bell. You dressed in Flamenco Dress Hot Sauce can don the traditional bullfighter outfit. Your guests will release little "doves" (a.k.a. origami napkins) (if only you were Jewish Taco Bell has the perfect cups) alas you will need someone to preform the wedding officialness(I'm sure your town clerks office has the perfect justice of the peace who will do the whole thing for a Crunch wrap Supreme and Nachos) For the reception the party will need to be moved inside, where they shall commence with cheesy intercom-relayed music and delicious foodstuffs. You will probably need Dairy Queen to fix you up a DQ cake just for this occasion unless you want a pile of mexican yumness. (The cake might be crucial in keeping the other guests happy however)
    +2 Whom should I invite to this occasion? Clearly Hot Sauce's family needs to be invited (all the other hot sauces) along with Sour Cream, Guacamole, Nacho Cheese(he'd be very said if not invited) you may want to shy away from inviting your friends and family however, they may not have such a great time(think you're a bit loopy).
    +3 Follow me and post it on your blog (thelifeofateenlibrarian.blogspot.com)

    Well, good luck. I hope my advice leads to a happy service. Gratitude shown in wedding pictures and/or an extended invitation would greatly be appreciated (unless you are not within walking distance) Thank You! Have a great day!



  6. Happy birthday to you! And congratualtions on the engagement :)

    I think that you should get married at a church. But it has to have a bell, which you can cover in tacos. Hence a taco bell. You should deck the church out in the fashion of taco bell. You can climb elegantly in through the drive through window. An onion ring would be placed on your finger. People would cheer and throw french fries in to the air. And afterwards, you could sit around the bells and pick tacos off of them. Everyone would be full!

    You should invite ketchup, mustard, relish, mayo, sweet and sour and anyone else you can see hanging around the supermarket. I think you should invite some cutlery. Knifes give nice presents and forks are always to the point. Spoons are well-rounded :)

    Great contest.
    Oh and is this international? I'm from the UK.

  7. Happy Birthday! And congrats!

    +3 following, posted on my blog (just click my name)

    Sara M
    silentalibis AT yahoo DOT com

  8. Happy Birthday, but more importantly congrats on the upcoming wedding.

    I'd say that you should definitely invite Ketchup and Mustard to the wedding, but not Mayo, as Mayo and Mustard can't stand the sight of each other. Mayo was Ketchup's former girlfriend, before Mustard came into the picture and stole him away. It was very scandalous.

    Your wedding event should be outside, during the evening, and the theme should be black and white. As I don't think many colours would work with your groom. Maybe you can be driven to the reception in a hamburger car. And once there, your first dance can be the chicken dance.

    Overall, I think it's going to be one delicious event! Congratulations. :D

    ~ Popin

  9. Happy Belated Birthday! Very funny post, too!

    I'm still catching up from being out of town. Read Stray on the trip -- another great recommendation from you. My husband was mocking me, but I noticed he picked it up and started reading in the middle and didn't put it down for quite a while!

  10. 1) +5 What should I do for my wedding event and reception? You should definetly get married near Taco Bell, but maybe you should have your wedding party dress up as tacos and burritos. Like the girls be tacos and the guys be burritos!

    2) +2 Hmm you should invite everyone you know and have ketchup, mustard packets on all the tables!

    3) +3 Falling you and posted on sidebar on blog!

    cnhand84 at yahoo dot com

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  12. (Sorry, wrong link in one of my things. Ho

    +5 First, lay down a GIANT tortilla, like a rug, only big enough to cover the whole ballroom. (Yes, I said ballroom.) Then, you sprinkle some ground beef - actually, I'll see if I can make you a picture... okay, check this out. The brown will be ground beef, and between that, you'll have chairs for your guests. Then all around the outside of the room is lettuce. You'll walk down an aisle of tomato, that your salsa girl has tossed handfulls of salsa on to add some spice(the darker red). On either side of the base of that aisle will be lakes of melted cheese and both sides will have guacamole around them. Then you'll reach the alter will you'll say "I do" on a bed of grated mixed cheeses. You, of course, will be wearing this and your groom will be wearing something like this. Afterwards, we'll add some music, preferably by these guys.

    +2 Well, of course we'll need to invite NACHO MAN!!! Duh. And if we don't invite his girlfriend, Gina Guacamole, you know her, we'll never live it down. They can salsa. SALSA!! Darn it, we can't forget Tina Tomato, or you'll be the laughing stock of Taco Weddings Inc. Oh, there's so much to do, so much to do!

    +3 I follow you and I posted it here.

  13. *Also, I lost my train of thought, and wasn't clear in saying that adding music makes it an instant reception because all the food's already there!

  14. +5 You definitely have to go Across the Border for this one.. So, hop down to Mexico - find a Taco Bell or something close to it and I suggest bringing a lot of fiesta music. Wedding in the walkup/driveup window - the priest will stand inside and ask you for your order - when you ask for marriage, he'll serve you up some I DO tacos. In order to complete the marriage, you must eat every single bite, with tons of hot sauce and no drink. Then, reception in the parking lot and inside! (there you can finally have a beverage).

    +2 You of course need Shredded Cheese, Grade F meat, and Sour Cream to come. I also recommend Bean Burrito and all the guys in the DRINKS family.

    +1 I'm a follower. :)


  15. Great contest and Happy Birthday!

    Obviously you have to go to a "Drive through" Wedding Chaple (there happens to be one in my City) and have the ceremony ordained by Cheech Marin. All this will be followed by a glamourous reception at the nearest taco bell where enchiladas and fries supreme will be served alongside an extensive margharita bar.

    Of course in attendence will be the Taco Bell Chihauhau so he can watch you correctly pronounce "te quiero"


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  17. Happy birthday! And congraulations on the marriage proposal, he is truly Mr.Right:)
    +5 You should get married in the kitchen of a restaurant in New Mexico (beware, not outside so as to avoid any harm occurring to your to-be spouse lest the people mistake him for edible substance. Can you believe these people? The nerve!). One of the chef could be the priest. The marriage vows must be read from a page kept between the leaves of a cookbook. You should be dressed in something like Katy perry's wedding dress in Hot'n'Cold, just make sure it's a deep red colour. Maid of Honor? Your friend, of course. Best man? Why, none other's than his best friend Salsa! Have some Shakira and salsa music playing afterwards to which you and Taco shall salsa-dance away. Throw away food coupons to Taco Bell or somewhere similar at the end instead of bouquet. Snacks should be strictly non-Mexican (wouldn't want to offend relatives).
    Here are your marriage vows:
    Taco Bell Packet, I take you to bey lawfully wedded husband. I promise you from my heart, all the days of my life, but only as long as you shall live. I will love you and take care of you, and I promise I will not let my pets do any harm to you, i.e. eat you up. I vow to keep carnivores away from you as long as I can. I also promise to stay loyal to you as long as you shall lov, after all, I couldn't think of cheating on something as delicious as you!

    +2 You should invite Ketchup, Jalapeno, Mayo, Cheese, Cayenne Pepper, Tortilla, all sorts of taco filling and garnish vegetables, burritos and nachos. Invite the spices, 'cause they're hot and the bridesmaids need eye candy.
    Oh, and invite Colonel Sanders to show him tht however muc he publicizes chicken fry and burger ad Americano hoopla like that, it's the Taco that gets the girl at the end of the day;)

    +3 I follow you and posted about it on my blog.


  18. Family and friends are happy to announce the engagement of:

    Ravenous Reader and Taco Bell Hot Sauce Packet

    Their nuptials will take place in August at Ye Old Library where Captain Crunch will perform the ceremony.
    A reception will follow at The International House of Pancakes.
    Mrs. Buttersworth and Chef Boy-r-dee will cater the affair.
    The bride will wear a gown of cellophane handmade by her Aunt Jemima.

    Celebrities and Royalty will be in attendance as Dairy Queen and Burger King are honored guests.

    - I'm a follower.
    - I've added this to my sidebar.


  19. Haha!! :)

    +3 Following your blog and posted on my blog here: http://allrubycakes.blogspot.com/2009/06/awesome-book-giveaways.html

  20. We think that your wedding should be at the Taco Bell Drive Through window. The preacher can lean out to do the ceremony. You should be wearing a hot sauce red flamenco dress with black lace and a fan. The hot sauce should be dressed as if he's a part of a mariachi band, complete with a sombrero. The groomsmen should complete the band with their attire.

    We're followers.

    Beth & Nathan


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