Author Interview and shwag give-a-way with Cyn Balog

I love to read, it is one of my favorite things and when I read a really great book, I want everyone to know about it. So this interview is really special to me. I got the chance to read Fairy Tale by Cyn Balog and just adored it. I asked Cyn for an interview and she was beyond awesome and said yes immediately.
My review for FAIRY TALE is HERE and I hope you enjoy this interview as much as I have. It was a true joy to have her visit.

RR: Hiya Cyn, Thank you for stopping by the Ravenous Reader blog and answering a few questions for me. Your my first NINJA interview and I am truly honored to have you here.
CB: Thanks so much for having me, Nancy! I am so excited to be your "first." :)

RR: When does Fairy Tale hit the shelves? and what is your debut novel about?
CB: Fairy Tale releases on June 23 and is about a girl who learns that her perfect boyfriend is, in fact, Fairy King, due to return to his kingdom on his 16th birthday.

RR: Where did you come up with the idea for FAIRY TALE?
CB: I wanted to write a novel about when "perfect" love fades, but I also wanted to write a paranormal. This was before the fairy craze, but even then the idea of a girl who discovers she is a fairy princess was pretty overdone. So I thought it would be much more fun to write about a guy who discovers he is a fairy.

Morgan is graced with "special" abilities that give her an edge. Her visions of seeing the future are what she depends on, but she cannot "see" her future. Would you like to have this ability? and why?
CB: No. In the middle of FAIRY TALE, she ends up having this crisis, because she knows that her visions are always right. When she sees thing that aren't what she wants, she doesn't bother to try to change them, since she doesn't think it's possible. So she gives up. And I think I would, too, if I knew that no matter what I did, the outcome would be the same. I would rather just live in ignorance because then, at least, I would always try to make things happen.

Fairy Tale had dialoge that was quick witted, hip and funny with moments that just squeezed your heart. Whose characters were captivating. Who is your favorite character in FAIRY TALE and why?
CB: I love them all, but Pip is adorable. He's so humble and clueless at times, and I always root for the underdog.

The original title for FAIRY TALE was FAIRY LUST. Can you tell me about the change and explain why it was made?
CB: Before I wrote FAIRY TALE, the first thing I had was the title. I just knew this was going to be a steamy kind of novel with a love triangle that would make girls swoon. But as I wrote, I realized it was more PG-rated. And then only a few months ago we heard that some of the sales reps were concerned about a book with the word "lust" appearing in the YA section. So we changed it. Though I still love the title FAIRY LUST and have a hard time calling it anything but that.

Besides the title change is there anything you would like to change with FAIRY TALE now that it is published?
CB: Oh, just about everything. Even though it is wrapped in this nice little package, I can't help thinking that it's still a draft. I cringe whenever I read it. I want to rip out the red pen and mark it up like crazy.

What are you currently working on now, and can you talk about it?
CB: I am working on a novel called SLEEPLESS, another YA paranormal about a sandman who falls in love with a mortal girl whose sleep he controls.

Your part of amazing group called Word Ninja's INK. What is this coalition about? and what do you think about authors and bloggers working together?
CB: I love all the bloggers out there and really owe them a lot for helping to get the word out about FAIRY TALE. Word Ninjas is the brainchild of Michelle Zink (PROPHECY of the SISTERS) and Lisa Mantchev (EYES LIKE STARS) and is a group of authors and bloggers working together to promote our books.

Do you have some time for some good summer reading? and if you do what do you have on your TBR list?
CB: I am reading DULL BOY by Sarah Cross right now and it is awesome! I also have CATCHING FIRE up next, since I got an arc of it and have been lusting over it since HUNGER GAMES, and I can't wait to read PRADA AND PREJUDICE by Mandy Hubbard. She's my critique partner and her book just released, so I can't wait to read the "finished" version!

Thank you so much Cyn. Thank you for you time and for such a great interview. I wish you great success with FAIRY TALE and I cannot wait for your next endevour.
CB: Thank you so much, Nancy! It was so nice being here

As you can tell Cyn is a sweetheart and I wish her all the best with her debut novel. So everyone that reads this let Cyn know that you cannot wait to read her novel and pre-order it HERE and/or pick a number (1-100) and you will get a surprise from me (either a Fairy Tale bookmark or magnet or both) *while supplies last* and leave a comment here with your number choice. What are you waiting for? Multiple number choices are ok!! (meaning if more than one person picks the same number, then it is ok with me)

Cyn's website is
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You can also find her Myspace or Facebook.
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  18. Hiya!!! The Schwag give-a-way is closed and Katie was the only one to guess the number that Cyn picked out

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